Saturday, June 4, 2011

VGMH Review: Island Studs

The Hawaiian and the Caribbean islands have captivated both the adventurous imaginations and lusty pleasures of men for centuries, dating back to sailors who traveled by ships exploring new lands.   Today, some men are born into paradise.  Others have to travel to great lengths to reach it....and for the rest of us---the sexy lures of the tropics can be just click away over at Island Studs.

Island Studs offers several interesting features that separate it from most other amateur male masturbation sites.  First off, the men are filmed in the semi-remote tropical surroundings of both Hawaii and the Caribbean.  Where else do men pose among lush tropical vegetation, sandy beaches, and shoo away flying insects that seem to have an affection for landing directly on their ripe and sweaty dick heads?  Ahhh, the tropical beefcake life.  With everything considered, VGMH is giving Island Studs an Excellent rating of 91.  Please read the entire review below.

Location, Location, Location
Many sites promote original models who are true amateurs, and some really do live up to that claim.  Geography certainly plays a key role in attracting models to Island Studs, who are actually amateurs. Aside from the local natives, the men who traveled to these exotic vacation hot spots probably didn't do so with the intention of dropping their pants and exposing their man snakes in the hopes of becoming a world-renowned porn star/escort.  It's also very noticeable that the hot tropical weather keeps many of their balls hanging very low.    

Men, Men, Men
The men who come to the photo sessions are quite literally "as-is" and are diamonds in the rough...or in this case maybe pearls that aren't exactly cultured.   They're mostly in their twenties with a few older gents sprinkled into the mix.  While a few trim or shave their stuff, the majority drop their surfing shorts to reveal au-natural pubes. 

Classic Poses
What VGMH found especially pleasing was the style in which the men are photographed and filmed, which harkens to memories of the early days of Playgirl magazine---Playgirl photographers understood that men look sexier when they are engaged in physical action, which is why they were naked walking in the snow, naked chopping wood, naked fishing, or even crouched naked looking inside the fridge for something to snack on. 

The Island Studs start their shoots dressed in whatever they arrived wearing.  They undress with the director giving instructions on how to pose.  Time is afforded for them to flex their muscles, show off their bodies and play with their dicks.  Then the models are given jobs to do--physical labor in the nude.  It might be painting, sawing, planting, or sweeping up.  While it's obvious they really wouldn't be doing these chores butt-assed naked in real life, it gives the viewer a chance to see them in motion that's not just posed flexing. 
Premium Offerings
Two specialties of Island Studs are quickly making a name for the site: 1) At some point, many of the men decide it's time to take a piss.  Wherever they are in the great tropical outdoors is fair game, and; 2) The director often tries to capture the model's cocks as they grow in front of the camera, transforming from soft and limp to hard and throbbing erect, hands-free.   For most men it takes only seconds.  This is a feature that would be nice to see with all future models.

Some guys who are accustomed to living in a world of immediate payoffs may not appreciate watching the physical work activities and find it boring.  Other men will give high-five kudos to the director for capturing the models doing more than jerking off. 

Eventually it does get down to masturbation, but not always.  A few of the models only agree to strip and pose, but most of the men masturbate to climax.   Again the photographer knows his craft well---occasionally he tells the models to take their hands off it and let it twitch in the air by itself as it prepares to jettison. 


The free tour is very clean and basic...and what's inside is about the same.  Don't expect a lot of bells and whistles and fancy features.  Island Studs is a "toss your towel on the beach, relax and enjoy the view" type of site.  On the tour, clicking on "Models By Name" will take you to a page where you can see the faces of all of their models.  Then click on a model's face and you will preview the still nude photos and videos available inside. The owners listen to their customer comments and models who are popular often get invited back for new shoots.   It's easy to see why men like shaggy blonde haired Cirrus received an invitation to do more than one shooting.

There's no update calendar posted, but the site updates every Wednesday.  Content amounts to a collection of a few dozen real photographs (not video captures) that are well-executed and a film that runs somewhere between 15-30 minutes on average.  There's "HELP" and "CONTACT" links on every page.  The written narrative about the models and the photo shoot are done well.  Sadly, there's currently no zip option for the downloading of photos. 

If there's one area of Island Studs that is uneven, it's in the sharpness of some of their videos.  While newer offerings are typically very crisp, older movies aren't always that way.  The videos are offered in 2 formats - WMVs are shown at 720x480 around 1.3 Mbps and Quicktimes are shown at 640x480 with a bitrate of 1 Mbps or better.  Sound is very good, especially considering that the models are moving around quite a bit!  Movies and photos can both be downloaded (no DMR restrictive technology) and enjoyed as often as you feel the need to touch paradise.  Please take note that some may find the flash of the still camera annoying when watching the videos.  Again, this is real-deal, one-shoot amateur solo sex, and they have to capture everything the first time.  While there's some editing, it's nicely done.  Downloads were fast.

The tropics, good looking men that are unique to the site, and a photographer who knows how to capture the raw sensuality of his models all make this one a winner. 


VGMH is rating Island Studs 91 Excellent.  That said, even paradise has room for improvement, and in the future it would be nice to see a zip download option and more crisp videos added to their growing library.  

The beautiful sunsets may be free, but this sexy internet vacation isn't.  Heck, it's not even discounted for happy hour, but that doesn't mean it's not a good deal if this is what you enjoy.  A one-month ticket to paradise costs $39.95.  A recurring membership is $29.95 per month.  In addition, they offer a 150 day trip to the islands for $99.95.  

It's priced on the premium-end of adult sites, no doubt reflecting the fresh new faces, locales that are truly unique,  non-sexual nude activities, and scenes where the men use their cocks to pee in addition to cuming. 

A visit to the preview tour and glance over the images of the models waiting inside should be enough for most men to make a smart decision for themselves.  In any case, it's nice to find a site that offers something out of the usual and that strives to provide a quality product.  Thanks to the owners of the site, VGMH will be showcasing several models this week--so sometimes a taste of paradise really can be free!


  1. Is Robert Conrad on it? I wanna see Robert Conrad. Naked. Doing it. In Hawaii.


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