Saturday, April 2, 2011

VGMH Reviews:

SpunkWorthy has entered into a very crowded field--amateur straight male erotica--and in a relatively short time has steadily made a name for itself.  VGMH likes to see that kind of entrepreneurial spirit thrive in a world dominated by emotionless corporate smut, and Jason is the man behind   This is his dream come true.   It should be noted that during the time of this review, Jason explained that he was in the  process of upgrading the site which VGMH didn't get a chance to see.  Improvements are always welcome, but already this site has impressed in it's ability to offer a specialized product at a reasonable price.  With that in mind, VGMH is giving SpunkWorthy an "Excellent" score of 97.

So, who is Jason?' "I'm just a regular guy who always thought it'd be fun to get involved in the adult industry. I started out as a talent scout for photographers and video companies in northern California. Just an idea that some buddies and I had while sitting around at lunch when we were in college."
Following a tradition that we began a year ago with a similar amatuer site review, Jason has generously agreed to answer a few of our unfiltered questions.  This is a rare opportunity to talk with a man who's there creating what the rest of us are looking at.  It's also a great chance to give Jason (that's him in the collage above servicing his studs) your opinions as to what you like (and even more importantly, what turns you off) with regards to most gay porn today.  Please email me your questions and opinions, and I'll include them as part of my interview with Jason which should run later in the week.


If you happen to live near a military base, then you probably see a lot of guys like the ones found in The models aren't twinks wearing makeup striking a pose for the camera--they're masculine, next-door types who are horny and hungry for cash.  While some have done this sort of work before, many of the models look to be exclusive and there's no pretense about why they are here and what's expected of them.  The give-away that this is the real-deal is when the men display their white bodies with flushed red faces from embarrassment--these are not jaded pros.  Jason picks up the Heinz 57 variety of men that make up America and there is certainly enough variety to keep guys entertained for many hours.  Especially nice is that there's a good range of ages and body types.  Most are younger in their 20's and buff, but Jason seems to also appreciate a man regardless of his age or how many beers or quarter pounders with cheese he's enjoyed.

SpunkWorthy is based in the filthy male-rich city of San Diego.  In addition to solos, there are mutual jerk-offs, men fucking Fleshlight toys, and sometimes Jason (or another model) gets into the action to help the guy erupt.  And cum they do.  As in any good basketball game, some are dribblers and some are shooters but both deliver the points to win.

The free tour is nicely presented and offers a good representation of what to expect inside.   Updates are weekly, although at the time of review there was no actual update calendar posted (there should be).  Navigation inside is clean and easy to use.  There are several menu choices to pick the hunk that you want to take care of business with.  Selecting a particular model will bring up both his photos and videos (nice!) as well as physical stats and a short bio.   Jason also provides his own narrative that's well-written and describes his impressions of the model and how the session went down.  Included with membership is a tab that takes you to "Bonus Scenes" which are 29 additional videos showing outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage.  This is a great extra and it offers yet more validity to SpunkWorthy's chops in this field. 

At the time of this review, SpunkWorthy had 141 videos to download in Windows Media, QuickTime, Flash MP4 files, and Apple devices. All four formats are offered in 2 broadband sizes, the larger size being shown at 640x480 with a bitrate of from 1 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps.  The videos  don't use DRM so you can save and enjoy them for as long as you like (a plus).  As with most sites,  the first movies used older technology and are grainy.  There were 78 photo sets at review time with generally crisp pics to enjoy. You can download them in Zip files for later, or view them one by one.  As Jason told me on Thursday, the inclusion of Apple just happened---this is a site that is trying to please it's customers which is nice.

Many of the videos begin with the obligatory interview scene that is classic to amateur porn.  It's classic because if it's done correctly, at least a small glimmer of the personality of the model manages to shine through.  Most sites ruin these dressed interviews and they come off as being phony, but Jason works hard to create a natural buddy experience with his models and it shows.  He also demonstrates a respect for them which is nice.  The scenes usually have an average run time of about 15 minutes and come with (mostly) crisp video captures.  Overall there's very good camera work including nice closeups of the men's cocks with their faces in the background.  Piss slits and butts are given their fame as well.  Wisely, once they get down to the serious business of jerking off, sounds are minimalized to the friction of lubed fist against throbbing cock, along with some moans and sighs.   

Jason gets involved in some of the videos. In an interesting twist, he's sometimes seen interacting with the guys.  This could be creepy but it's not.  The sex is masturbating them and it's fun to watch their faces as they move from being unsure about this happening to giving in to the pleasure.  Sometimes Jason or the model gets excited enough about the situation that he lends his mouth if they agree (have you ever know any man in the heat of the moment to refuse a warm soft mouth?)  But that's as far as it goes for Jason, at least so far.  Jason is no slouch himself and is a handsome masculine guy.

THE RATING had no real issues that would be a deal-breaker.  In fact the only thing necessary to point our was that older media aren't as great as the newer ones are. Emails were always answered (by Jason himself) within 24 hours. With that in mind, the total score came out to be 97 in the top "Excellent" category.
It's nice to see a site that isn't playing games or tricks with it's pricing.  Jason offers three simple choices:  A nonrecurring one-month key to the front door is $24.95.  The recurring membership costs $19.95 ($39.90 total for two-months minimum).   The third option is three-months for $50.98.  Based on the good times that Jason delivers and the fact that everything can be saved for future enjoyment, VGMH thinks that SpunkWorthy's nonrecurring membership (it comes out to $6.24 a week for the month) is a fair deal for the amount of fun it delivers.



    1. Jason. Please. Take your clothes off and show us a solo. You are the SpunkWorthy ultra dude! Great face, nice arms--we gotta see more.

    2. Aw, shucks, guys. You flatter me. Believe it or not, I'm pretty camera shy so I can't see it happening any time soon... but ya never know what's ahead. Thanks for those nice comments. And thanks again for the review, Steve!


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