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VGMH Reviews: Vintage


Thanks to VGMH follower Gregg for suggesting a review of the and their vintage gay erotica site, But before we start with the review, some background information will be helpful to understand how these sites work together.  The Lavender Lounge once included a section devoted to our favorite subject here at VGMH, vintage smut.  Then following trends in the adult business, membership in the Lavender Lounge changed to include memberships with two other sites, Vintage Bareback (the vintage smut section previously within the Lavender Lounge) and another site, Out of the three, Vintage Bareback is the only site that VGMH is currently reviewing.

Vintage Bareback received an overall rating of 78, which places it at the top-end of VGMH's "Very Enjoyable" category.  But there's additional factors to consider beyond our rating score for Vintage Bareback--content in the other two sites may (or may not) be of particular interest to everyone's individual tastes.  This means your personal score could be higher or lower, after factoring-in the other sites included when compared to the total price of admission.

A visit to the Vintage Bareback site includes some freebies.  First, there's a well-written blog offering porn trailers from many of the big studios, along with sample content from the VIP section's galleries (The VIP room is where all the subscriber content is located within). There's also a free tour that includes some vintage photos and a sample video of what's inside.  In VGMH's opinion, the free tour is somewhat limited in specifics/samples, but it's visually presented well.  At the time of this review, there were an impressive 132 galleries in the VIP room, consisting of both 45 movie shorts and 87 photo sets.

It's obvious that Mark Kliem, the man behind The Lavender Lounge group of sites, has tried to offer a nice slice of variety in what is offered in the VIP galleries.  In this regard he has done an excellent job.  Content ranges from vintage sex device instructionals to men in leather, and everything in-between (including a gallery of transvestites).  The diversity of content deserves recognition because there's probably something in here for just about everybody to enjoy, and that's not an easy task to accomplish.

Each of the 87 photo galleries represent an original smut publication.  Some of the photo sets are from publications that were originally widely distributed, featuring stars like VGMH Male Sex Icon Jack Wrangler, and the infamous A Wild Weekend magazine starring muscle men Cassidy and Dakota.  Newbies to vintage gay erotica may not recognize these classics, but vintage aficionados (such as regulars to VGMH ) will likely have seen them before.  Those few aside, most of the magazine galleries offered more obscure gems, primarily from the 1960's and early 1970's.   Anyone who likes long-haired groovy guys should find some gents to enjoy. 

Photos are viewed and played with slide show and thumbnail options.  The quality of photos in vintage sites are always expected to vary (depending upon printing/paper, wear and tear over the decades, and how it was transferred to digital).  Vintage Barebacks' quality was overall quite good.  VGMH tends to find a certain appealing character in smut that has been enjoyed for many decades, but realizes that others may not.  With that in mind, most images appear to be as-discovered and not overly cleaned-up.  Images occasionally include scribbles and interestingly, a photo where one previous owner had carefully cut the shorts off the model!  These are not fresh studio prints from pristine negatives--they are from the personal collection of a vintage smut fan and were rescued from various garage sales and second-hand stores around the San Francisco area. 

Movies are generally of good quality. Again, it helps to appreciate that these reels have been run through a projector countless times during many decades.  The videos are offered in streaming Flash and are shown at about 476x320.  Most are loops that run for a few minutes each. Just as with the photos, the films offer a wide range of interests, including one titled  "Recycled Beer" which we'll leave to your own imagination.   The vairety of subjects is a real plus.  This is pre-condom action. 

  • NOTE!  Movies are restricted for site viewing-only and may not be downloaded.  Selected videos are available for purchase in a dvd compilation format.
  •  Some of the movies include photo captures.
  • Site navigation was easy and straightforward.  Everything clicked worked as it should.
  • There was a "Help" and "Site Map" icon at the bottom of every page.  
  • One of the first things VGMH looks for with pay sites is a schedule for updates.  Vintage Bareback doesn't include one, but Mark said he regularly updates (During the two-week period that VGMH reviewed this site, the VIP room content was updated). Galleries are not dated.

Overall, VGMH found this to be a Very Enjoyable site and rated it 78. 

There are currently two options for membership.  The least-expensive option is for all three sites for 30 days  for $10--but there's a condition attached--membership will automatically renew at $24.95 every 30 days afterwards.  This means that the total price for two months is $34.95, or  an average of $17.47 per month.  A simple, non-recurring membership costs $34.95 for 30 days.  So both options wind up costing, at a minimum, the same total. Exactly how good a deal this is depends on how enjoyable someone finds all three sites, and how often the content in each group is updated.

Good news is that there's a free blog (with lots of sample videos and photos) as well as a free tour to have some fun with.  To visit, just click the link below:



  1. way too expensive to join the sites in my opinion

  2. Thanks for the comment! I'm sure the owner of the site will appreciate honest feedback as well --after all, that's what a review is all about. Steve


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