Saturday, February 12, 2011

Playgirl's Second 'Unoffical' Issue, 1973

It's been described as a scowl, smirk or sneer.  Born in Belgium in 1972, Mr. Davis often gives off a facial expression suggesting that maybe he'd rather be somewhere else.  It's served Scotty well.  The reportedly straight leading man has starred in such gay and bisexual adult melodramas as Smells Like Teen Semen, Little Bathhouse on the Prairie, and Bi's and Dolls.  VGMH is happy to have this well-endowed wonder join us in our Valentine celebration.

The Second Playgirl Issue
After success with their first preview issue in January 1973, Playgirl released their February preview magazine.  This time they offered up the Hager twins, real-life brothers and a very erotic cover photo for Valentine's Day.

The Hager twins attended Maine Township High School (Class of 1959), one year ahead of Harrison Ford and a few more years ahead of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  After serving in the military together, the brothers moved to California and performed with The Carpenters, The New Christy Minstrels, John Denver, Steve Martin and Kenny Rogers. They were working at Disneyland when Buck Owens saw them perform and signed them to contracts.  Most people then came to know Jim and Jon from their regular appearances on the CBS series Hee Haw.

The twins posed for Playgirl with a country-themed set, complete with guitar and thigh strategically placed to keep their privates private.  The photo shoot is notable for several reasons, not the least of which being that both brothers showed pubic hair. The photo hit the right balance of being sexy and wholesome .  This February issue, following race car driver Mike Hiss as the centerfold for the January preview issue, helped to establish Playgirl's credentials as being tastefully erotic entertainment for women. Other mainstream celebrities would soon  follow in dropping their pants for Playgirl.

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