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Paul Barresi is "Perfect" in This 1985 Movie

Just to recap, the life of Paul Barresi had already included serving in the United States Air Force and working in sex films and nude print modeling.  There's little doubt that these events had helped to give Paul the kind of self-confidence in front of a camera which allowed his natural machismo swagger to really come across. 

In his thirties, Paul performed in the mainstream movie production of Perfect. The film is about New York reporter Adam Lawrence (John Travolta), who's sent to Los Angeles to write an article about a businessman arrested for drug dealing.   But Adam is also collecting material for a story about "Fitness clubs as singles bars of the 80's." The movie was released in 1985 and did less-than perfect box office business.  In 1990, Barresi alleged that he had previously been in a gay relationship involving Travolta.  The story was initially printed in The National Enquirer.  Baressi later recanted the story and allegation.  
In the movie Perfect, Paul played the role of one of the studs at the health club.  The men's locker room was full of meaty eye candy in jock straps.  Audience members interested in such things no doubt took notice of Paul, although his name would only become infamous in later years.  When the sex scandal was printed in  The National Enquirer, gay men who had never heard of Barresi were suddenly interested in his body of work.

Below: Travolta shows off his ass-ets
Doggy style, anyone?
As the movie poster asked: "Health Clubs-More Sex Than Sweat?" American culture was discovering what gay men had already known for decades...that the gym is an ideal location to meet new male friends for all kinds of fun physical activities.

clip below

Straight and Gay College Roommates: A Happy Ending For One Man, and The Recent Death of Tyler Clementi

SAD NEWS TODAY: A Rutgers University freshman appears to have killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge after his roommate broadcast live images of the 18-year-old having a sexual encounter with another man on the internet, according to campus and law enforcement sources. 

Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei were charged with two counts each of invasion of privacy for setting up a camera in a dorm room on Sept. 19 and using it to view and transmit a live sex scene, said Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan.  Tyler Clementi (photo, above) was an accomplished violinist and a freshman.   Mr. Clementi posted his last message on Facebook saying, “jumping off the gw bridge sorry.”

Earlier this month (September 15th) VGMH posted the story (below) of a reader who shared his own college experience, suffering sexual humility at the hands of others that he trusted.    Fortunately, his has a much happier ending.   Because of the timeliness between today's tragic news and this other account (that happened years ago), VGMH thought it appropriate to re-post.  Rest in peace, Tyler.   And we're glad you're still alive and with us, John. Thank you for the courage to share your story here.

John had mixed feelings about leaving home. Raised a Mormon, he longed for more freedom, no matter that it was a conservative college he was moving to.  Everything was exciting and new.  His roommate was Jack. Unlike John, Jack had already experienced a lot of adult living.

For a football game, Jack talked John into going with painted chests and faces to show their college pride/colors.  Jack also had bottle of vodka... in their dorm room he took a drink first, handing it to John...the first alcohol he had ever tasted. 

By the end of the game they both were drunk.  They returned to their dorm showers to wash off the paint.  John offered to wash some paint from Jack's back. John thinks the alchohol left his gay guard he probably caressed as much as he washed.

Still naked and back in their dorm room, Jack started dirty-talk about a girl they both knew.  Jack asked John if he had a jerk-off buddy back home.  Jack said no.  Jack told him it was great and locked the door.  He took out a tube of lube, used it, and tossed it over to John.  John said he didn't care to go into the particulars of what all happened, but it ended with Jack getting oral sex from him.

In a follow-up, I asked John (via email) what was going though his mind while it happened, considering that: 1)John had never been drunk before and 2)John had also never had sex before. 

John replied back to me that it was like a dream.  He recalled that afterwards, Jack wrapped a towel around his waist and left to take another shower, telling John not to join him.  When Jack returned, he acted like nothing had happened between them.  John said he understood by Jack's attitude that he should act the same way.  They never ever talked about it.

Their one-sided oral sex relationship continued on a nightly basis (sometimes more than once) through that spring.  In the meantime, Jack had become close friends with another guy on their floor who was an arrogant loudmouthed jerk.  Jack was out one night at the library when his friend came into John's room looking for Jack.  Seeing that they were alone, he said that Jack had told him about his 'talents' and pulled down his boxer shorts and locked the door.  John later regrets his actions, but he did him.

He regretted it even more, when shortly afterwards he realized that this guy outed and bragged about using him.  He was subjected to taunts, cat calls in the showers, and worse from people he barely knew in his dorm and on campus.  His bed was vandalized numerous times so badly that he couldn't sleep in it.  When he reported this, he was met with disdain and no action.  John said he felt betrayed and mad at himself and thought of suicide. One of the people he complained to suggested that maybe this wasn't the "right environment" for someone like himself and that maybe he had brought this onto himself.

Unable to study, his grades slipped.  He wound up quitting school.  Not wanting to go back home, John moved to a big city and started a new life.  Looking back ten years, he now knows it was the best thing he ever did, but those times were also among the most stressful in his life.  John said he'd never told anyone the entire story before now, and it felt good to share it. 

Thank you, John.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Paul Baressi Stars in "Dan's Discipline" Classic Straight Domination Gay Smut

Part 7 in a series of 14
No use in asking Jack any questions right now, as he's too-polite to talk with his mouth-full.
Forget about that old saying that went something like "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" as Jack proves it's through his cock. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September is Anniversary Month for "The Advocate" Magazine

The first issue of this monthly gay magazine premiered in September of 1967.  Like many good ideas, it was published as a local newsletter, by the activist group PRIDE (Personal Rights in Defense and Education) in Los Angeles. The need for it was inspired by a police raid on a Los Angeles gay bar called the Black Cat Tavern.

Built in 1939, the Black Cat  was the site of one of the nation’s earliest documented gay rights demonstrations...happening more than two years before the Stonewall Riots in New York City. Located at 3909 W. Sunset Blvd, I'm hoping that VGMH's resident expert on California gay history, Mike (Studio City), might be able to share any information he knows about this place/it's location in Hollywood?  Now back to how it helped to create The Advocate...
Richard Mitch (using the pseudonym "Dick Michaels") and Bill Rau (under the name "Bill Rand") joined PRIDE and, along with artist Sam Winston, the trio transformed the activist newsletter into a real newspaper, which they titled The Los Angeles Advocate.

By early 1968, PRIDE was struggling.  It's reported that Mitch and Rau paid the PRIDE  group $1 for ownership.  In 1969, the newspaper was renamed simply The Advocate and distributed nationally. By 1974, Mitch and Rau were printing 40,000 copies for each issue.

It attracted the attention of David Goodstein, an investment banker from San Francisco who bought the publication in 1974. Under Goodstein's direction, The Advocate transformed into a national news magazine covering events important to the gay community.  Here's a sampling of covers through the decades.  

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Paul Baressi Stars in "Dan's Discipline" Classic Straight Domination Gay Smut

Part 6 in a series of 14
VGMH thinks it takes either a whole lot of guts or simple stupidity to call another man offensive names while he's gently holding your tender cock between his sharp teeth. 

All kidding aside, Dan telling Jack that he can work on his tool "like a fag" must be to reinforce the fantasy storyline that these are two straight guys.  Please refer to the begining of this series for more on how this smut book follows conventional social excuses for straight male sex with other males.  EASY BET: Anyone care to guess which guy (Dan or Jack) will wind up with a face of sticky cum at the end of this series? 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Paul Baressi Stars in "Dan's Discipline" Classic Straight Domination Gay Smut

Part 5 in a series of 14
Dan shows Jack a photo of oral sex, and Jack seems to be able to connect the dots as he opens his mouth.  Many have no doubt already seen these particular photos, as they've been all over the internet for years, minus the connection to the original photo book.

Something's making me guess that Jack has done this before.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paul Baressi Stars in "Dan's Discipline" Classic Straight Domination Gay Smut

Part 4 in a series of 14

VGMH guesses that these photos must be where they came up with the name Dan's Discipline for this photo book.  Dan (Paul Baressi) seems more horny than mad.  Jack looks like maybe he's been through this routine many times before?
It looks like Dan decided to go for an over-the-knee bun warming massage.  Dan better watch out...the adult playing Jack may very well be taller than Dan (Baressi)!

Friday, September 24, 2010

More Bill Cookson, Playgirl September 1973

Here's more of Bill Cookson, who dropped his clothes and bared all in September 1973, Playgirl's first year of publication.  One of the great things about early Playgirl models was that so many of them actually looked like average guys vs. polished models.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paul Baressi Stars in "Dan's Discipline" Classic Straight Domination Gay Smut

Part 3 in a series of 14
It looks like Dan (played by Paul Baressi) caught Jack in the act. 
Too-bad but VGMH can't figure out what's the logo on Jack's T-shirt.  By any chance, could it possibly say "MUSHROOM HEAD"? Probably not. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paul Baressi Stars in "Dan's Discipline" Classic Straight Domination Gay Smut

As already seen in part one of Dan's Discipline, even a cheesy porn book like this one appears to have understood the unspoken rules for straight men to engage in same-sex.  The non-gay sexual scenario was established simply by giving the presumed straight characters of Dan and Jack excuses for having sex with one another: 1) No available female, 2) Dan's drinking (we assume that glass has alcohol in it), and 3) Both men have become aroused for sex after looking at (straight) smut magazines. 

Almost thirty years after this smut was created, our VGMH poll's most-recent tally of 443 responses offers real-life reasons that straight men have offered for desiring gay sex, including: Being drunk (19%), That "it's only one-sided action, so not gay" for the straight man (15%), That a female was not available (7%), Being lonely (7%), and Stress relief (5%).    The top reply remains that "No one will ever find out" at 31%.

Part 2 in a series of 14
Below: Dan (Paul Baressi) is going upstairs and his belt's already off...
Below:  Looks like pre-computer age Jack has been jackin' himself into porno-overload with all those magazines, while poor horny Dan's been working all day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


NOTE: Today, MSNBC reported that The Liberace Museum will close next month.  Considering that last July I posted a personal account about "Liberace and his fucking twisted museum" I thought it appropriate to offer this update: 

The museum’s announcement that it would end its 31-year run on October 17, 2010 was unexpected, said David G. Schwartz, director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  Jeff Koep, chairman of The Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts, was quoted as saying “We are not closing the book on Liberace or what he stands for.  We’re trying to regenerate the brand.”  This begs the same question asked last summer in my trip report...what exactly did Liberace and his museum actually stand for?  Please read a reprint of my trip report (below) to get an answer to that question.

“In some ways, the museum was the last vestige of an entertainment icon,” said Jeff Koep, who added that there has been a steady decline in numbers to the Liberace Museum, from a high of 450,000 annual visitors 15 years ago to about 50,000 annually today. The museum’s real estate problems, mortgage debt and lack of a steady income stream also factored into the decision to close. This past summer, my friend Dave and myself became part of those 400,000 people who skipped going to the's my original report about our trip:

For those who don't know who (or perhaps what) a Liberace was, here's a brief VGMH recap:  From the 1940's until his death, sexually closeted gay piano player Liberace developed a very successful publicity machine.  By the 1960's Liberace (by then a fixture in Las Vegas) made his casino performances increasingly outrageous. The Vegas joke was that while their husbands gambled and drank, their wives forked out cash to watch Liberace prance and sing.  But the final joke was on everyone the phrase Liberace laughed all the way to the bank also became famous.

In 1982 Scott Thorson (blue uniform in photo) sued the entertainer for $113,000,000 in a palimony case.  Dismissing Thorson as a disgruntled employee who was fired for alcohol and drug use, Liberace denied in court that the two had been lovers for five years. A lot of dirt and creepy stuff was about to come was reported that Liberace had sent Scott to his own plastic surgeon to have his face remodeled in the performer's own image.  Ultimately, the matter was settled out of court for $95,000 (most of what Scott wanted) without Liberace (or all the sordid details of his sex life) coming out.
In 1979, Liberace himself opened The Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. In its heyday, it became the third most popular attraction in Nevada. Scott Thorson was replaced by18 year-old Cary James.  James and Liberace both tested HIV-positive in 1985.  Liberace died at the age of 68 in 1987.  Stories circulated that the family didn't want the death certificate to suggest that he passed away from complications related to AIDS.  He left the bulk of his estate to the Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts, which now runs the Liberace Museum.

On the way back from over eating, we passed the Las Vegas Strip returning on Tropicana Avenue and kept going, and going, and going....towards the Liberace Museum. The museum is housed in a very dated little strip mall about 3 miles east of the Boulevard. It shares space alongside a restaurant and gay bar called Good Times that I thought looked from the outside more like bad times someone would probably to try and forget the next morning.

I had already heard from friends who had visited that they thought the Liberace Museum was fun enough, but very noticeably played up his bling and over-the-top drag artifacts while conveniently ignoring that once the shows were over Liberace was a gay man.  And if you believe his biographer/chauffeur's account, there were lots of very young men, and they weren't in his bedroom taking piano lessons.  Perhaps one person said it best:

"The museum is there to bring in money.  The same Kansas tourists who would never dream of shaking the hand of a gay man will pay to see Liberace's crap.  By never admitting he was queer he validated that being gay was something to be ashamed of, so these old-school tourists prefer that the museum keep him in the closet as much as they can." 

According to a July 4, 2010 story in the Las Vegas Sun, Matt Damon has signed on to play the role of Scott Thorson in a movie about Liberace.  According to the story: "The Warner Bros. project would be a great and long-overdue boost to the Liberace Museum and Foundation, which for years has been struggling to re-introduce Liberace's singularly compelling life story to younger generations. The mind-blowing attraction is looking for a new home, moving from its East Tropicana location, where it has stood stoically and statically since 1979.  A move to a more populous location closer to the Strip is in the offing, and a film adaptation starring Douglas and Damon should allow officials to start anew efforts to market the Liberace brand."

Re-market the Liberace brand to younger generations?  Maybe the product isn't selling so good anymore because ignoring the 300 ton elephant in the room just doesn't work anymore?  Just then, one of the free buses they run to grab the folksy tourists from the Las Vegas Boulevard hotels and bring them to this Austrian crystal closeted shrine pulled into the strip mall. Out came a few older (the bus was about 2/3 empty) tourists. That was enough for me...I put the key back into the ignition. 

"Fuck you Liberace Museum!" I shouted out loud (in a 2/3 self-mockingly angry tone) with a grin.

Dave chimed in even louder wearing a broad smile of his own with "Fuck Liberace and his fucking twisted museum!" as the coffee and that huge buffet breakfast grease was beginning to kick into high gear. Then he added, "You wanna come back and try out that gay bar tonight?" (he was kidding).

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Playgirl September 1973's Bill Cookson and Fabian

Playgirl offered up celebrity singer Fabian Forte in this early issue of the magazine's history (photo, right), and also within those stapled pages was their Discovery model Bill Cookson (below).  While the colors were different, both men shared something in common...massively thick bushes of hair in all the right places.


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Sexy Men Help Sell Gay and Straight Magazines: What Hustler, Playgirl and Mandate Have in Common

The 1970's and early 1980's look like they were a good time for Paul Baressi working for print magazines. The straight man was establishing himself as a sex symbol in both heterosexual and gay markets.  In addition to appearing in Playgirl, Colt, Mandate and In Touch, he was on the December 1978 cover of Hustler (please see below).  It's reported that other names he worked under were Jason Thorpe, Joe Hammer, and Michael Franco. 

A lot of his magazine print work showcased Paul's amazing physique by using the standard beefcake style and format (as in the nude photo above)....where the focus was on his body and perhaps less on the domineering machismo persona that would eventually become associated with his celebrity.  The story below goes so far as to describe Paul as "A brilliant example of a gentle-sympathetic-intuitive man." 

Begun in 1974, Hustler was one of the first major straight men's magazines in the United States to break the taboo that existed by showing vaginas.  The magazine quickly earned a reputation as being raunchy entertainment for horny straight men who couldn't get enough of the 'pink," which begs the question of why they also seemed to enjoy looking at so much beef and dick.   In the tradition of hardcore porn (without the actual sex acts), the magazine began publishing photo fantasies that included naked men alongside the women...and the men were as sexy and attractive as the ladies.  Would including these hunks on the covers sell even more copies?

Barresi has been described as as being "the first man to ever appear on the cover of "Hustler" which doesn't seem to be the case.  By the time of the December 1978 issue with sexy Paul, Hustler was already in a phase of posing muscular men alongside females (with the exception of the Jimmy Carter drawing) on their covers.  As with the male/female pictorials sometimes found inside, they wouldn't have been there if they didn't move the product off the news stand shelves.   

JULY 1978
VGMH thinks this Adam would have fit-in nicely with last summer's Tarzan series.  In terms of the cover, does the male appear to be more prominently displayed than the female?
When it rains, it pours.  Poor Jimmy found himself on their August cover, and it's doubtful that this 'honor' was something he was very happy about.  The issue included an interview with "Don Embinder--Publisher for Gay Men."
To the magazine's credit, Hustler did not shy away from including nude men in some of their pictorials inside of the magazine.  These photos often prominently displayed the penis in all of it's glory along with their spread-wide ladies.  They wouldn't have included men if they didn't sell issues.
Below: Paul Baressi looking very muscular.  Unlike other male models above (wth the exception of Jimmy Carter), his face is showing.