Sunday, August 1, 2010

1965's Tom of Finland's Jack in the Jungle, Part Ten

These Sexy Jungle Studs Refuse to Leave!
I know that the July VGMH month-long series on jungle studs was supposed to be over (now that's its August) but there's still a few hunky men and Hollywood safari stories that need to spill-over into this coming week. There's also a couple more segments on the road trip to Las Vegas coming up.

With this post, we'll wrap up 1965's Jack in the Jungle series created by Tarzan fan Tom of Finland.  As already described in previous posts, "Jack" would eventually evolve into Tom's most famous creation, Kake. 

I always wondered about how that famous yell originated...
End of Series



Mike, Studio city said...

I can't wait to hear more. M.

Vikingleather said...

Hot!! Really cock stiffening stuff!! Mre

Xavier Randol said...

hmmm...yummy! ;-]