Sunday, July 18, 2010

Playgirl Model Rocco Siffredi Creates Some Jungle Heat

The Italian porn movie Jungle Heat was released in 1994.  In the time-honored tradition of smut movies being parodies of mainstream popular films, this one involved the plot of an expedition group who discovered a primitive man who had not been around other humans (hmm...sound familiar?).  Jungle Heat starred porn actor Rocco Siffredi as the hunk in loin cloth, and VGMH will pay a visit to this tropical smut fest tomorrow. But years before his erection was poking out of his loin cloth in this movie, it was already a well-known sight to gay fans of Playgirl magazine.

Already something of a porn celebrity in Europe since 1987, it's reported that in 1990 Rocco went to Los Angeles, determined to crack the American market.  A big break towards that goal came in December 1990, when Rocco Siffredi (Tano) was the cover model and centerfold for Playgirl.  Many fans of porn instantly recognized him while many others became new fans. 

Rocco's penchant for anal sex and analingus built him a cult following over the course of his career.  Although his performances have been restricted exclusively to straight smut, his good looks, Italian accent, large penis, and appearance in Playgirl resulted in attracting a large gay audience.  Critics have noted that many of his movies include very rough sex scenes, where it seems that the female is used only for his carnal pleasures while the focus of the action remains with Rocco's body and desires.  He had several successful porn series including Rocco: Animal Trainer and Rocco's True Anal Stories.  It's estimated that he has been in over 1,300 pornographic films.  Siffredi was born in Ortona in Italy on May 4, 1964.  It's reported that the 6' 2" blonde is happily married and has two sons.
In tomorrow's post VGMH will examine Rocco's film Jungle Heat.

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