Thursday, June 24, 2010

Playgirl Magazine May 1976: Centerfold Finalist Rock Pamplin

Man cannot live on baseball alone, and that's especially true when the 1976 May issue of Playgirl has beefy and hairy Rock Pamplin gracing its cover!  Baseball will be back tomorrow.

In 1976 Playgirl still had its classic cover look and typeface, and even today there's just something especially exciting in knowing that the handsome cover models were also presented nude inside for our viewing pleasure.  Later the magazine would try many different formats, and the editors would begin slapping TV and movie celebrities on the cover. 

This issue offered a story entitled "Behind the scenes at Hearst Mansion," and their Discovery model contest winner was Carlos Roebuck.  But the main event started on page 73, where yet another contest finalist...mustached stud Rock Pamplin, went without clothes on a sandy beach.  Readers would have to wait until fall and the October issue to find out who eventually won the contest, and for those that don't already know, VGMH isn't going to spoil it and spill the beans!  Rock actually hit paydirt with this May issue, and would go on to become one of the magazine's favorite models of all-time.  There will be more photos and history of Rock in the future.

Pamplin was a commercial print model and in addition to baring it all for Playgirl, he also worked at the gay Colt Studios. After his smut heyday, it's been reported (unconfirmed) that he escorted and continued occasionally modeling.

Photographed by Norbert Jobst in Hawaii, Playgirl listed Rock's age as 26. His photo session was in Hawaii, where the story implied he was living at the time.

Below are a few more photos for VGMH daily blog friends. Added randomly to posts, it's just a little way to say "thank you" for stopping by often during the busy summer months...and after 24 hours they'll cover up with beach balls or go away.

1977 Winston Ad (without moustache)

Hairy in all the right places

Below: Non-Playgirl Smut

Ever wonder what a sexy 1970's Playgirl hunk would look like today? Rock's obviously taken great care of himself over the years.


  1. LOL..well he's definately still got it, so why not? wink :)

  2. What the deal with the beach volleyball covering his penis?


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