Friday, April 16, 2010

All in the Family: Brothers Lex Baldwin, T.T. Boy and their Uncle, Dirty Harry

Whatever Happened To..Lex Baldwin (PART TWO: His brother T.T. Boy)

Porn is a family business for Lex Baldwin/Talon and his older brother T.T. Boy. Part one of this VGMH series looked at the once sizzling hot gay career of Lex Baldwin, which eventually cooled.  Lex became Talon and switched from boy to girl smut and had what many consider to be disturbingly unflattering plastic surgery (photo above, right). With Lex (ooops! he now calls himself Talon) looking so unnatural and screwing chicks, how was it that straight T.T. Boy first began this family career choice? According to interviews, it was with help from their uncle, who was already performing under the name Dirty Harry as a porn performer (photos below).  What may be less-known is that T.T. once masturbated for a solo all-male video, which also included a solo wank for his real-life brother Lex (more on this video below).

Before his porno days, self-confident Puerto Rican T.T. Boy (above in black shirt) was a boxer. In fact, his stage name comes from a boxing nickname, Troy the Boy.  Born in 1968, at about age 21 he started performing in lots of gangbang and low budget videos as he developed his name and reputation in the business. If the girlies thought they were about to receieve tender sweet romance and gentle loving massages, were they in for a surprise! He quickly became known for being an aggresive man in bed who put his female sex partners through a rough and tough workout.  With over 1,500 videos under his belt, he is a two-time XRCO (X-Rated Critics Organization) Male Performer of the Year, and in 2000, T.T. Boy was elected into the XRCO Hall of Fame. Running his own production company, T.T.'s popular product lines include Black Street Hookers, Spanish Fly Pussy Search, and Orgy World.  

But Wait! In 1990 T.T. Boy performed solo for Chi Chi LaRue (directing under his pornonym, Taylor Hudson) in a Catalina all-male video called Straight to Bed 1. Sorry for the poor quality of the screen captures but they're the best available for now.  The description for the video goes like this: "Some of the hottest straight male porn stars, usually seen banging the living hell out of the gals on camera, here take it off for the first time just for the boys! See why they've got what it takes to make everyone swoon."

T.T. Boy was involved in a high profile HIV case when he convinced Darren James to go to Brazil to film some straight sex scenes for a movie. Reports say that condoms were not used and James contracted HIV from an actress. When he returned to L.A. to work filming more sex scenes, it's reported that he infected actresses with HIV. The industry suffered a public relations shock and work stopped on all films for 60 days. As a result, many in the porn industry claimed he had been reckless in his disregard of testing before shoots. The negative publicity hammered T.T. Boy.



  1. Eeww! Dirty Harry had the right name. Who'd fuck this guy?

    I'm afraid to ask, but what ever happened to the Baldwin Bros? I have to admit, T.T. was a hottie.

  2. Bob, your comment about Dirty Harry made me laugh. He's not very easy on the eyes. T.T. produces porn and Lex/Talon performs (fucks) with chicks.


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