Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tom of Finland's Kake: "Midnight in the Park" Series

This series starts out with two young guys who seem to have discovered one another in a deeply wooded park in the middle of the night. But watch out---along comes a cop with attitude who's on the beat! Luckily for these two horn dogs, the cop turns out to be Tom of Finland's Kake. Officer Kake quickly takes control of the situation and decides to let them taste his beefy cock while sitting on a park bench. It takes some effort for the two guys to get that enormous dick out his tight uniform pants, not to mention giving his balls a breath of fresh as as well. I'll be including more slides from this series all month. This series was part of "Kake 4" and has been published several times under different names: "Nasty Nature Trail","Midnight Park", and "A Lark in the Park" and turned out to be one of the more popular of the Kake series.

In 1965, Tom of Finland began flirting with the idea of an ongoing character for his panel stories, the ultimate Man. He tried out a blond, followed by a Tarzan-inspired Jack. Then in 1968 Tom created Kake, a dark-haired, mustached bad boy who often wore a tight white t-shirt bearing the motto “Fucker.” Kake lived up to this moniker: a post-Stonewall, hyper-masculine dude traveling the world on his motorcycle, giving pleasure to all with his sex skills and amazing body. Tom lived out many of his most personal fantasies through Kake, and Kake’s international fans made him the template for what came to be known as the gay clone look of the 1970s.

Starting in 1968, Tom published 26 episodes of the Kake adventures, most as 20-page booklets.

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