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Sexy Studs lurking behind.......Dark Shadows

"Dark Shadows" wasn't you average afternoon soap opera. First airing in 1966, the town of Collinsport would fall victims to werewolves, witches, warlocks, and of course vampires. But enough about the show, this is all about the sexy actors and their legions of gay fans. While most adults worked, many young college students were able to watch the show in the afternoon hours, and many young men became hooked. So here, for Halloween, is my look back at some of the tormented, demonized, beefcake hunks of DARK SHADOWS:

John Karlen
Sexy, straight, and New York Italian, John played Willie Loomis, a bad-boy drifter and grave robber. It's when he opens up the tomb of Barnabas Collins (please see Utube below for video) that Willie releases the vampire and becomes his human slave. Barnabus is a straight vampire, or else Willie would have been a whole lot busier. While his character isn't written to be sexy or even like able (he does get better with time), John's natural persona oozes sex appeal.
During the 1980's, Mr. Karlen was Harvey Lacey on "Cagney and Lacey", which won him an Emmy award for best supporting actor.

Joel Crothers
In 1966, super-hairy and handsome Joel accepted the role of "Joe Haskell" on the show, and later played "Nathan Forbes". When I see pics of him shirtless, they make me wish he had posed for Playgirl.

Joel left the show in 1969 and later acted on stage in 'Torch Song Trilogy". On November 6, 1985, Joel succumbed to Lymphoma cancer complicated by AIDS at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. It's reported that throughout his career in the 60's and 70's, many of his co-workers knew that Joel was gay, but he chose to remain closeted.

Alex: "I was 19 and living in a dorm at UNLV. Everyday a bunch of us watched Dark Shadows on the big TV together. After the show Jim and I'd go to one of our rooms and give each other hummers. It was the best hour of the day for me." Happy hour group remembrance from a gay fan at a fan reunion/Dark Shadows meeting in the 1980's, as reported in an underground San Fransico gay newspaper report from that era .

Christopher Pennock

Straight and broodingly sexy, Christopher played monsters and tormented gents on the show, while no doubt tormenting the seams on many a gay fan's trousers while they were watching him.

The red crotch image is not from the show, but it shows a lot of Christopher. If anyone has anymore information on "Up the hard way" please share it with me.

Don Briscoe

Don Briscoe played tortured souls, plagued by the torments of both a vampire and werewolf curses...and sadly his own life was plagued as well. For decades, the handsome actor battled bipolar disorder and drug abuse. While on Dark Shadows, Don briefly took over the lead role of Donald in the groundbreaking, gay-themed Off-Broadway play "Boys in the Band".

In 1970, he was in a beefcake photo spread for "16" magazine: "Don Briscoe Invites You: 'Come to My Pad.'" The sexy photos show him in his east side apartment, lounging against books (with the caption, "like to join me? Pull up an encyclopedia and sit down").

It seems Don's personal life was kept guarded and may have been the complete opposite of the image that his PR was spinning about the clean-cut intelligent bachelor. It's been reported that longtime friend Roger Davis (also from the show) once said "Whatever mental problems developed for Don, they were really kind of tied into the sixties scene in New York." While it's been widely rumored that Don was gay or bisexual (and perhaps accepting his own sexuality was one of his personal demons that he couldn't reconcile with his career), this was however never confirmed by Mr. Briscoe, so I'm leaving it as just a rumor, and assuming here that Mr. Briscoe was straight.

According to his sister, Bonny Jenkins, Don left New York City and moved to California, where he went further down the path of drugs and suffered a mental breakdown. "He got into the drug culture very heavily in California, which was unfortunate," she told a newspaper years later. "I think he was searching for something spiritual, but he was looking in the wrong places."

Seeking stability in his life, Don eventually returned home to Memphis in the early 1970's and moved back in with his parents. He remained there, shunning the spotlight, for the rest of his life.

Louis Edmonds
When I watch a clip of the show, I can't believe how much Louis Edmonds is so unbelievable gay even back then. Louis was one of the most sociable members of the Dark Shadows cast, and he regularly hosted weekend parties at his Long Island home. Though he'd never hidden being gay to those he met, he came out publicly in a book entitled "Big Lou" by Craig Hamrick, published while Edmonds was in his 70's.

David Selby
Straight man David was written on the show to be a hearthrob, and this good-looking guy, with the massive sideburns, no doubt got things throbbing with lots of gay guys as well!

Halloween Super-Human Studs

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1982 Pre-Condom Smut: "Printer's Devils"

"PRINTER'S DEVILS" (directed by William Higgins, starring Eric Mandrell and Brian Hawks)
The name for this smut-o-rama is actually legit...a "printer's devil" was an apprentice in a printing workshop who performed a number of jobs, such as mixing tubs of ink and setting and cleaning inked type. Ages before electronic media and even way before motorized machines did most of the work, these guys would manually crank and press out documents.  Thus their arms were usually very muscular because of their laboring, and it became a trademark of sorts for what they did.  Ink was so messy that many shops would have a barrel in the back, where the "printer's devils" would strip down and wash up after a long day of messy work.

MOVIE PLOT: When this Hollywood print shop goes out of business, these four horny"devils" spend their last hours on the job bragging to one another about their sexploits, and end up pairing-off for some hot naked fun. Incredibly muscled and endowed discovery, Michael Christopher, made his smut movie debut right here. Brian Hawks (He's Charles Michael Jourdan in this movie) can't get into the pants of hottie Eric Mandrell fast enough. In high school, Eric was reportedly a major jock (I believe it from looking at his toned body in this film). Below, Eric sure seems to enjoy making Brian (opps, I mean Charles Michael for this flick) squirm with pleasure as he toys with his tight little hole.  By the time his finger is done, Eric's going to own Brian's ass for the night!

Stars: Greg Davis, Scotty Dixon, Eric Mandrell, Charles Michael Jourdan (Hawks), Mike O'Leary, and Craig Scott.

Happy Halloween Hunting

Bisexuality & Religious Persecution: Marquis de Sade, circa 1789

The Marquis de Sade

These images are engravings, accompanying the 1789 Dutch edition of de Sade's "The Story of Juliette, her sister, or The Prosperity of Vice" (Sequel to La Nouvelle Justine, also written by the Marquis de Sade).

In the above artwork, here we get to play voyeur at what looks like an aristocratic sexual romp going on amongst friends. Forget about small talk and mingling, it looks like these folks really knew how to have fun! Humans by nature have body openings, and also by nature, men want to insert a part of themselves into such holes...for these self-confident studs, that the hole may be male or female was less important than it get filled.  The related literary text for these images is that Justine and Juliette are sisters, and Juliette's moved into a brothel to begin a prosperous career of vice and murder. Justine, on the other hand, tries to follow a virtuous path in life, but she also becomes a victim of the wild and decadent world of pre-revolutionary France.

The point that the author tries to make relates to what is happening in society back then: Juliette believes in science and despises any form of worship whose rationality can't be demonstrated.  For Juliette, being human means enjoying sex and not having thought for anything beyond right here and now. She demonizes Catholicism, just as she feels the church attempts to do to others they disagree with.  She also does some very bad things to her fellow human beings.

At the same time, Justine is the story of a chaste and very virtuous woman. Life shows her, in the most graphic and crude ways possible, that virtue in this world is rewarded only with suffering. After some horrible events, Juliette finally makes the acquaintances of people who happily show her the ways of the wicked world.

Both de Sade and his publisher were arrested by the Minister of Police in 1801 for writing and publishing Justine and Juliette. De Sade was not allowed a trial, and he was put put directly in prison. His detractors had him declared insane, and he was transferred to Charenton Asylum, where efforts were made to silence him and any subsequent influences on the outside world.

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Gay Men & Religious Persecution: "Satan's Harvest Home", circa 1749

In 1749, the pamphlet "Satan's Harvest Home" was first published in London. The full title of the work was actually much more descriptive: “Satan's Harvest Home: or the Present State of Whorecraft, Adultery, Fornication, Procuring, Pimping, and Sodomy." Ok, I went through that long laundry list of bad-deeds (in the title of the pamphlet), and admit to having done at least three of them on numerous occastions.  Some of them, I wish I'd done more often.  Anyway....The basic idea was that Satan had sewn the seeds of moral decay in other parts of Europe, and now he was harvesting the fruit, in the form of sex and especially GAY SEX. And just who wrote this masterpiece? While it was anonymous, historians agree that it was created as a political tool by the increasingly-powerful religious-Christian movement in Great Britain at the time. The believers in religion were, for the most part, honestly trying to just live a good life and go to heaven.  It was the church leaders who devised ways to gain political power here on earth.  A power war was emerging, and gay men were a weapon to be exploited (sound familiar?)

Decades before, tolerance for discreet same-sex relationships had long been tolerated (and practiced) by the elite ruling-class nobility of England. This was especially true with regards to young men attending university who would often create life-long bonds that would continue long after they had married and established a career and family. According to historian Albert Walsh “It wasn’t that homosexuality was accepted or promoted as a lifestyle; it was more that this same-sex behavior wasn’t considered a serious public threat and in fact had some benefits, including reduced pregnancies during the years when young men were most likely to be promiscuous”. For Christians and power-hungry politicians looking to upset the status quo in Great Britain, this established bisexuality and homosexuality, which most commoners already viewed as part of the excess of the privileged class, was simply a weapon to be used for cultural and political advancement.

Citing sections from "Satan's Harvest Home" among his other defenses, a 24 year-old lower-class commoner admitted to accepting and even encouraging the sexual advances from a 43 year-old nobleman, presumably only to help support and feed his wife and children. He became threatened, he claimed, when the nobleman begn forcing him to become effeminate. The final straw was when (blindfolded) he said he was introduced to a group orgy in a dark wet basement somewhere in London. In his self defense, he claimed to have used a knife to escape the orgy, wounding the nobleman in the process, to preserve his heterosexuality and values. It seems that until that point he had merely been the object of the older man's desires, but at this orgy he discovered he was about to be buggered for the first time. The nobleman reportedly fled the country. Similar stories and accounts with "evil gays" were spread similar to modern-day tabloids and reinforced the view that homosexuality was a threat to the family and to men's very masculinity.

Walsh notes that "The term "sodomites" was created and then used by Christians to create rigid rules for sex. Gay men have always been the victims of theocratically-controlled governments, and persecuting the 'sodomite' (as a demonic unnatural sinner) was a method of political and social control.” Relations that had been considered normal and healthy in ancient early civilizations (before Christian religion) were now the work of the devil and sick and perverted.

Many modern historians thus view "Satan's Harvest Home" as evidence for an association in the 18th century between same-sex unions and the influence of Roman Catholic values that continues to exist today within church doctrine. The pamphlet both describes and denounces “moral laxity and perversion of contemporary society", and it especially seems obsessed with what it viewed as shameful male effeminacy. It even includes a poem, "Petit Maître", denouncing any hint of feminine dress and behavior for men.

Wisely for their cause, the authors of the pamphlet erased an important part of ancient history with regards to gay sex and masculinity; specifically that warriors and military leaders enjoyed such bonds and felt them no threat to their manhood. For the creators of "Satan's Harvest Home", military group male nudity and masturbation, the intimate bathing of one another, and gay sexual relations (where effeminacy could not be used as a scapegoat since these were skilled warriors) were simply erased from fact.

In effect, the authors were helping to establish accepted "male" and "female" roles that the church thought essential for the maintenance of the gender system they wanted. And during this period in the mid-late eighteenth century, the church produced an emerging culture for the rest of the modern western world. As the ruling classes of Europe expanded beyond their borders to colonize folks around the world, they brought these same laws and views against gays and gender variations with them, and enforced them even more viciously. The message was clear, and the message has continued to this day: Gays are evil, perverted demons that are going to hell and want to seduce every man on earth.

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Trick or Treat?

Sadao Hasegawa (長谷川サダオwas a Japanese graphic artist specializing in male eros. His work is notable for superb technical skills, elaborate fantastic settings and for incorporating Japanese, Indian, South-East Asian and African mythology. While focusing on depictions of muscular male physique, Hasegawa often turns to extreme sexual situations, bondage and SM themes, which, in the context of his stylized fantasy world, attain a nearly sacral intensity.

Hasegawa was born in the north of Japan, and ended his life by committing suicide on November 20, 1999 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Series Final: Brian Hawks, "Brian's Boys" and a Car Designed for Sex Appeal

NOTE: Thanks to VGMH followers Marc and Butch for updating the information presented in this post (and for knowing a whole lot more about cars than I do).   Both men identified the baby blue wheels in this classic smut movie as a '59 Mercury Monterey.  I incorrectly listed it below as a Chevy Impala.   Marc also added a couple more photos from the movie...Thank you again guys!

For the final segment in this series on the movie "Brian's Boys" I thought it was about time I paid respect to the REAL star of the film, the classic Chevy studmobile that was in almost as many sex scenes as the guys:

Talk about big balls! Introduced at the General Motors 1956 “Motorama”, the Chevrolet Impala jump-started the “muscle car” era... and was designed to be sleek and sexy.

The end of World War II had brought thousands of young guys back home. Many men took advantage of the GI bill to land a good job, and pretty soon lots of babies followed (“baby boom").  But these hotties were still young enough to want an affordable "man-toy" to enjoy that would fit the whole family inside of it. With convertibles going from $2,967, the 4-door Impala Sedan convertible was specifically designed for this man’s lifestyle. According to government statistics, the number of passenger car miles traveled on America's roads grew 62% from 1950 to 1960!

Above: It looks like Brian Hawks is the passenger and he's getting driven real good.  There's lots of room to position a good smooth fuck in this sex machine on wheels, but it was the Impala's available horsepower that really gave 1959 daddies throbbing boners every time they sat in the driver's seat and cranked that key:

The Impala could be optioned with a 348 V8 engine, or a 315 Super Turbo-Thrust model with high-compression heads and solid lifters. Just saying these words was probably enough to make most vintage men shoot a load across the real-leather seats (and all of it made in America)! No wonder they spent so much time in the garage. The 1959 Chevy's had the wildest tail fins besides Cadillac and the rear end sported "bat wing" fenders, "cat's eye" tail lamps, and a huge deck lid.  Impala production reached 473,000 units in 1959 …Chevy's top-selling car nameplate.   

After he swallows, go ahead and ask Brian Hawks... he'll probably tell you that dick just tastes better in a baby blue convertible.

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TV's "Bewitched" with Gays!

"Bewitched" was an American television comedy series (1964-1972). Upbeat and screwball, it presented a rosy picture of what American upper-middle class corporate and family life was supposed to be like, featuring an ideal straight family (two heterosexual parents with two children, of course a girl and a boy). The father went to work and the mother stayed at home. The running joke of the series was tha all of this was a farce, and the family went to great lengths to hide the reality of their life from the "normal" people they interacted with.

Central to this storyline was that the witch/wife (Samantha) attempts to denounce her witchery world because she's in love and married to a human man (Darrin). In Darrin's world, appearances matter. There's no place for odd or peculiar people if you want to rise in the company and in society. While the role of Darrin was written to give him a great deal of humanity...he was a nice guy...Darrin was also written to meet the expectations of what a successful adult American man was expected to be like. Of course, everything that happens to him is anything but normal, and Darrin is forced to deal with how things actually were behind closed doors (including twitching noses and people being turned into animals on a regular basis). The series also provides an interesting real-life view of how two gay men who acted on the show selected to live their personal lives:

On National Coming Out Day in 1991, Dick Sargent, who played the straight husband, took the real-life step of coming out as a gay man. He said "I'm in my 60s, who's gonna care? I haven't been on TV in decades." People did care. Sargent conceded that while "coming out" may have cost him professionally, the personal rewards were worth it.

"I'll probably never be allowed to play a father symbol again," he told a reporter. "I'm afraid for my career. I'm probably gonna lose a whole lot of work. . . . I may even have to sell the house someday, but this is more important. I like myself, probably more than I have most of my life."

Dick helped to show a familiar face of what a gay man looks like, someone millions of people had invited into their homes week after week, many years before.
"It was such a relief," he told an interviewer, "I lived in fear of being found out. Now it's given me a whole new mission in life." Sargent conceded that while "coming out" may have cost him professionally, the personal rewards were worth it. Unknown to all but those closest to him, Mr. Sargent had been battling prostate cancer since being diagnosed in 1989. Despite radiation as well as a myriad of other treatments, Dick Sargent died on July 9, 1994. Sargent lived with life partner Albert Williams until his death.

In stark contrast to Mr. Sargent, Paul Lynde never publicly acknowledged his sexuality, although he was widely known to be gay in Hollywood and often played very gay roles. According to Elizabeth Montgomery, Paul Lynde was specifically cast in Bewitched to be not just her uncle, but her "gay uncle". Paul was very popular on the series throughout its run, but his personal life was filled with regrets and depression. In 1978, his arrest in Salt Lake City, outside a gay bar, resulted in his being dropped as a regular guest on the Donny & Marie show.


Agnes Moorehead played Endora, the witch mother-in-law on the series. She was widely believed via rumors in Hollywood to be a lesbian, and Paul Lynde was quoted for a book describing her as such. The rumors were never proven, and Moorehead married actor John Griffith Lee in 1930 and they divorced in 1952; they adopted one son, Sean, in 1949. It remained unclear whether the adoption was legal, although Moorehead did raise the child until he reportedly ran away from home. In 1953, she married actor Robert Gist, and they later divorced in 1958. The actress was also a devout Presbyterian and, in interviews, often spoke of her relationship with God.

The Stephen's house can still be seen on the old Columbia back lot (now called the Warner Brother's Ranch) in Burbank, California at the corner of North Kenwood and West Streets.

More Brian Hawks in "Brian's Boys" Classic Car Orgy

As promised in the last post about the somewhat troubled  history of this film, here's more photographs from the movie "Brian's Boys", after the guys get the baby blue Chevy running and take it out into the country for some fun. Tube socks and cock for all!  There's something about men and cars that just seem to go together, and these horn dogs sure love their classic wheels with all that power under the hood.

Unfortunately, the original 102-minute film  subsequently was separated and edited into loops, with different companies owning different parts of the original film.  Many consider "Brian’s Boys" to have been the best work Brian Hawks ever did in smut. I personally think the car was the star.  In any case, this pre-condom movie remains a convincing depiction of rampant male hormones and guys willing to stick it into any hole they think it might fit. If one is willing to overlook some photography errors, poor lighting, and minimal acting talent, it’s still a gem of the early 1980's and one of the first porn films with synchronized sound. 

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Miss America, selling fear, hatred and Florida orange juice

This is Anita Bryant, just after some gay activists threw a pie in her face. Many would say she deserved it and much more.

Crowned Miss America in 1958, Anita Bryant was viewed as a wholesome, friendly 30-something singer in the 1970s who was voted "Most Admired Woman in America" by Good Housekeeping magazine three years in a row. Bryant plugged Coca-Cola, Kraft Foods, Holiday Inn, and Tupperware. She was on national TV all the time promoting Americans to drink Florida orange juice. Her slogan was that a day without Florida orange juice was like a day without sunshine. Only sunshine seemed to just be for straight people. In Florida she led an ugly political campaign with charges that gay men and women were only interested in recruiting children to be gay:

"As a mother, I know that homosexuals cannot biologically reproduce children; therefore, they must recruit our children".

That campaign quickly led Florida legislators to pass a law banning gay adoptions — a ban that is still in place today. During the mid to late 1970's, gospel singer Bryant was still in Florida, still promoting Florida orange juice on television and spreading homophobia. Things became so ugly, she reportedly described "taking another crack at the final solution", which many believe was a reference to Hitler's "final solution" for Jews and homosexuals, which was to kill them all.

Eventually, the controversy over her anti-gay activism ruined her career and her personal life fell apart. Her citrus contract was not renewed (perhaps the next time you're at the grocery store counter to buy orange juice, remember that they seemed very slow to fire her), she and her husband divorced, and she moved back to her native Oklahoma where she fell off the national radar.

Through the 1980's and '90's Bryant continued to proclaim her Christianity and values, but had little to say about gays anymore. She opened her own Anita Bryant Theater in Branson, Missouri, but ticket sales were weak, and Bryant relocated her stage show to an Arkansas tourist town, where she eventually declared bankruptcy. She then opened the Anita Bryant Music Mansion in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where reports said the auditorium was rarely more than ¼ full. In all three states employees and bills were left unpaid when the Bryant operation went out of business. According to newspaper accounts at the time, her unpaid taxes totaled $116,000 in Missouri, $172,000 in Arkansas, and about $490,000 in Tennessee.