Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tropical Heatwave!

Luciano Perreira
What with all the talk about Rio and jocks, this is probably a good time to take a look at those sexy men.  Back in 1988, the wildly successful video Tropical Heatwave.   Kristen Bjorn kicked off his career in male erotic films with this movie which was a scintillating jerk-off extravaganza.  A good way to describe this video's content might be to imagine Playgirl-type beefy models---only these dudes are fully aroused and sharing themselves with the audience (this is masturbation soft-core stuff)---to the point of climax.  Bjorn knew that many gay guys were attracted to handsome men without giving a whole lot of thought about the model's sexuality in real life.  He effectively marketed the fact that many of this solo-performers were straight men doing it just for the cash and were not turned on by other dudes.  No problem for the models or the audience!  Before there was the 'Prague straight model' craze, there was Bjorn and his cash-strapped men from Brazil, Eastern Europe, and Australia.   The lush settings used to showcase his discoveries included dreamlike villas, sand dunes, and glistening waterfalls against dense jungle foliage.  The guys showed off their hard cocks by letting them throb and bob free of hands.  Their spermacous eruptions were pulsating, one after another: Scene 1 Roberto Ameida; Scene 2 Sylvio Braga; Scene 3 Luciano Perreira; Scene 4 Fabricio Silveira; Scene 5 Armando Santos; and Scene 6; Danilo Cardoso.

While the total film package of locations and poses may have appeared a little-too perfect for some tastes, the rough unbridled broncho spirit of the men shined through.  Not only did gay men rent the tape, many of them opted for the significant investment (oftentimes over $80) to buy a VHS copy: It was that good.  In addition to Champs, Kristen followed-up with Carnival in Rio which was hard-core and equally a big hit.
What made these first videos so popular remains easy to see, even when viewing them today.  It helps to keep it in the context that they were produced these films during a time when cheap-quality San Fernando videos had flooded both straight and gay erotica markets, and when many of the male models often looked like they were 'doing' the films between 'doing' street johns and 'scoring' their next fix.  Contrast this against Bjorn's non-California-looking, naturally athletic men sporting their bronze bodies for moolah and not giving a damn who looked or not.  One of the gentleman appearing in Tropical Heatwave was Luciano Perreira (also known as Brad Foreman) who would go on to star in Carnival in Rio.  Here are some photos of Luciano which were both teasers (hidden crotch) and explicit, probably for marketing campaigns aimed at different audiences.  According to his publicity bio, his nationality is from Brazil, Height: 5'10, Weight: 160 lbs, Penis: 7" and married after modeling.  He even made the August 1988 cover of Honcho!

Below: Boys will be boys as ripe bananas get unpeeled. 

Luciano Pereira, Braulio Duarte and Sergio Callucci.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Poolside Pup

Artist Ian Hanks was born in 1974 and grew up in a rural area of the Netherlands.   "I think growing up in a small village during the 80´s had its share in my illustrating career. No internet back then. Best a shy gay boy could get were some sunmilk ads and comic books with semi-nude men. What did gay men do? What did it look like? As there was no visual material available, certainly not as easily and in abundance as after the worldwide web clicked in I had to create what I wanted to look at. I was pretty young when I realized naked men fascinated me. Didn´t take long to get out the pencils and draw more, more and even more!"

His art is appreciated around the globe these days.  Among his most-popular fantasies are series involving horny twenty-somethings pairing up with even hornier fifty-somethings.  His legal twinks are smart enough to know a good thing when it comes along, and refreshingly these silver haired foxes are full of self-confidence and pick up lines that work to nail them.  Ask any poolside drink server in Vegas or LA and they will tell you that this sort of 'male bonding' between age groups happens all the time, with confident grey haired gents usually calling all the shotsIn this great vintage Poolside Pup fantasy, a blonde twink asks for a cigarette and well...

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August 1993

If you were in Germany in August 1993, you could pick up this issue and find wonderful Dennis showing off his man-goods.  Just like fast food companies can offer somewhat modified versions of their menus to people in different parts of the world, magazines can do the same. 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Vintage Italian Porn Magazine: Angelo

Angelo and his younger brother Marco made a big splash in gay smut a few decades ago.  It's still easy to see why bronze Angelo was so popular in the United States adult book shops back then.  For $6 dollars this magazine gave its readers nice black and white (plus a couple of color) photos of hot Italian swagger and natural uncut male penis.  Please stay tuned tomorrow for part two, including photos of Angelo showing off all of his beautiful male body.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Nothing but stupid conventions on TV...

What's a guy to do in the heat of summer with a hard-on boner and blue balls?  Luckily for us viewers, some themes in gay smut withstand the test of time, such as young dudes hooking up for nasty pleasures of the flesh.  Bedrooms, bathrooms, back yards, garages...boners come out and holes open up.  The furnishings of bedrooms change with the eras and now the photos are in color.  What doesn't change is what two guys do to one another, and there always seem to be trophy's on night stands as well!
A young guy finds a slightly older dude who is horny and happy to teach his new buddy the joys of messing around together when nobody else is around the house.  It's a classic scenario for smut (and for many men a real-life depiction of their early sexual life experiences). 

In this contemporary photo set, Julian visits Sencer and he has one thing on his mind.  Julian is enjoying a little butt play with that smooth tight little ass. Lucky Sencer rides the dick before getting it doggy style.   Julian leaves a thick rope of sperm on his used buddy before taking off.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 1979

We all learn that life just isn't always fair.  Erik Hooper was Playgirl's Man for July in 1979 and unfortunately for Erik, his photo spread seems to have become less than memorable for many.  This is probably due to the less-than-desirable image quality and limited content of his photo shoot and has nothing to do with Erik's desirability. With his head of curls, that dark blond moustache and hairy body, Erik deserved the star treatment.  It would have been wonderful to see Erik's thick pubic bush and those dangling darlings hanging loose with some close up shots using a high quality lens and printed on premium paper stock.  But this was part of the era when Playgirl had shifted from focusing primarily on sexy nude men to trying to be a complete woman's showbiz-gossip-beauty tips type of publication (that also happened to have men for enjoyable viewing).  This decision made sense in that magazines needed good distribution channels. The more bookshelf's, supermarkets and quickie mart locations that had your rag, the better. If this had been an earlier time when the magazine first started out, the odds would have been good that Erik's handsome face would have been on the cover instead of Sally Field. 

He certainly sounded like an interesting man.  The brief narrative along with his pictures told readers that he was born in Amsterdam and came to California at the age of 6.  In addition to enjoying "anything athletic" he was seeking a masters degree in education.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Greetings again!

Sorry for the long delay between posts.  VGMH friends who have been following this blog for a while will hopefully remember my friend who I dearly refer to as 'Monkey Boy'.  I still sometimes get comments about our road trip to Las Vegas a few years back.   Well, Monkey Boy delivered a surprise visit and there was a lot of catching up to do!  He is doing well.  Back to work!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Classic California: Bob Bishop

The Beach Boys are playing on the am radio station, the sun is beating down into our non-tinted windows, makeing the hard plastic dashboard and those vinyl seats hot to the touch.   And of course Bob Bishop is looking classically California Cool, all 5'10" of tanned perfection.  Bob was a model for Colt and Falcon studios and appeared in two films, 1981's "Hayride" and 1984's  "Ramcharger" where all that beauty was put to very good use by the likes of  Barry in "Hayride" and Ed Wiley in "Ramcharger."

Bob with Al Parker in Al's infamous van.