Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 1983

Playgirl's hairy gentleman was Daniel Egger.  On the cover was Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon,  photographed by Hank Londoner.  Inside was such must-read stories such as Richard Simmons: America's Health Guru Gives Advice On How To Live Right And Be Happy, and what chick-oriented magazine would be complete without a weight-loss story?  This one was titled How To Make Any Diet Work For You.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Leaving A Legacy: The Fabulous Sylvester

Note: This story first appeared in the Bay Area Reporter.  It was published 04/15/2010 by Matthew S. Bajko.  Below are parts of the story...please see the link at the end of this post to read the entire story.

"Twenty-one years after the death of Sylvester James, a flamboyant and openly gay disco superstar from San Francisco, his music is now profiting two local agencies that serve people living with HIV and AIDS.
James died December 16, 1988 at the age of 41 from complications due to AIDS. But it wasn't until last week [April 2010] that the AIDS Emergency Fund and Project Open Hand split a check from the drag performer's estate totaling nearly $140,000.

The tale begins in May 1988 with the recording artist, known simply as Sylvester, bequeathing the royalties from his music, which included the international hits "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" and "Dance (Disco Heat)," to AEF and Rita Rockett's food program at San Francisco General Hospital's Ward 86 for AIDS patients. 

Beginning in the late 1990's Sylvester's royalty checks had paid off what the singer owed and the rest of the earnings had been placed in an account.  But the record company had no idea where to send the money. It wasn't until the start of the new millennium, when Joshua Gamson began research on the singer for his biography The Fabulous Sylvester: The Legend, the Music, the Seventies in San Francisco , that attention was renewed on the fiscal standing of Sylvester's estate.  "I know I got a call from Gamson ... he wanted to interview me about Sylvester and his death. Then he said to me, 'Were you aware there are some royalties being collected?' I wasn't aware of that," said Gross.

Even if they had located a will and the beneficiaries of Sylvester's songbook, there was another problem. Rockett had eventually moved away from San Francisco and ended her programs at the hospital. So in 2005, at the direction of the Elites, Gross began researching where the money should now go. He petitioned the probate court to designate Project Open Hand as a beneficiary of Sylvester's will since it distributes food to people living with AIDS and HIV, similar to the work Rockett had done.  The whole time, said Gross, "The royalties continued to accrue." For tax purposes, he said, "We did not want to close those accounts until we were ready to make distributions."

The advent of iTunes helped introduce Sylvester's music to a new generation and the online sales of his songs brought in cash to the estate. Notice in the video above that those innovative lighted steps look an awful lot like those that Michael Jackson traveled up in his 1982 Billie Jean video?--well,so have others.  Hollywood also continued to option his songs, most famously for a scene in the Oscar-winning Milk that depicted Sylvester performing at a birthday party for openly gay San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk. The two were friends and Sylvester was a regular performer at Milk's annual Castro Street fairs.

""Sylvester would say it was fabulous and he would go have a great time. Given the situation – he isn't among us – he would be really pleased his idea worked," said Belmont. 'It is very unusual for artists or writers to give the entirety of their estate to organizations that really need it.'"

For more updated information on this star, please click here

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Parade

For years now, New Orleans has been having a gay-related social event called the Easter Parade. But this has nothing to do with that.  This is all about The Judy.   In more closeted times, gays used the term "friend of Dorothy" to refer to themselves in mixed company, in homage to Garland's role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Today, Garland isn't as well known among the younger gay generation, but she still holds a special place in the hearts of many. 

Judy Garland was hugely popular among gays during her lifetime. Her concerts were major gay meeting places, and in her later years, she made money singing at gay piano bars. Garland's father was gay, as were her studio-executive mentor and two of her five husbands. She had many gay friends and went to parties where she joked that she was the only woman present. But her appeal was based on more than her own acceptance of gays. 

Both onscreen and off, Garland projected a unique combination of vulnerability and strength. She sang of intense loneliness, followed by songs describing delirious love. She had legendary stage fright but declared her greatest happiness came from performing. These conflicts mirrored the lives of oppressed, closeted gay men in the 1950s and 1960s. They identified with the paradox and duplicity in Garland's life. Severe laws and prejudice against homosexuality forced gays to lead double lives and hide their true selves. 

As Dorothy, Judy Garland portrayed a misunderstood kid from a small town who has an amazing adventure in a Technicolor world. The central message of The Wizard of Oz is that you will find what you're looking for inside yourself. That message resonated with gays of the era who yearned to come out into a colorful world and live what was inside of them. 
While prejudice against gays is still common, the public is generally more tolerant these days. Homosexuals aren't as strictly closeted as in Garland's day, and her image doesn't strike such a deep chord. But her plucky strength and sweetness continue to win admirers among people of all orientations.
MGM, 1948, Color, 104 minutes

Produced by: Arthur Freed
Directed by: Charles Walters
Screen Play by: Sidney Sheldon, Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett
Lyrics and Music by: Irving Berlin
Musical Numbers Staged and Directed by: Robert Alton
Music Direction: Johnny Green
Orchestration: Conrad Salinger, Van Cleave, Leo Arnaud
Set Decorations: Edwin B. Willis
Women's Costumes by: Irene
Men's Costumes by: Valles

Color by Technicolor

Judy Garland (Hannah Brown),
Fred Astaire (Don Hewes),
Peter Lawford (Jonathan Harrow III),
Ann Miller (Nadine Gale),
Jules Munshin (Francois, the Head Waiter)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1978

Back in 1978, the Bee Gees were all over the radio with hits like Night Fever and Stayin Alive. At the same time, strong man Bill Nuckells (Mr. California) graced the first issue of Honcho magazine (April of 1978). The Mr. California competition has offered an opportunity to admire many good looking men.
Gene Jantzen (below) was a bodybuilder who came in 2nd at Mr. California AUU in 1941:
And Cliff Byers may have came in 2nd place (in the 1947 Mr. California AAU contest) but he will always be #1 with his fans! Not only didn't hairy Cliff shave his treasure trail or chest, but there  seemed to be a second "competition" happening in his tight posing trunks as his junk wrestled the for available space. It's reported that Mr. Byers was also a fitness writer for many magazines for the era.

Friday, March 27, 2015

"Peeping Tom" 1950s Loop Reel

The male-dominated opening credits animation is enough to fall in love with this nifty little retro gem.  First, we see curtains which are slightly opened so as to reveal a young man's head.  Then the letters begin to sort and spin themselves on the screen to spell out PEEPING  TOM and finally a magnifying glass sweeps down and enlarges his face.
In this short, a handsome guy (the same one in the opening credits) spies on a naughty girl masturbating herself alone in her bedroom!  She even somehow managed to get herself a dildo--in the 1950s!  Golly gee, for a guy with a boner this is somethin' special and she's almost got to be a slut, because everyone knows that good girls don't do such things!  This little tart is definately NOT the kind of girl who would have been invited to dinner on Leave it to Beaver, but her natural beaver sure looks to be attracting this big-cocked voyeur named Tom!   He reveals himself and they commence to kissing and sex play as she enjoys his cock and he gets her nipples visibly erect while playing with her pussy.  Just one look at the shot below and surely everyone is asking themselves, what sort of bedspread are they laying upon?  It was called chenille fabric and it was very popular in the 1950s. That is also hi-tech electronics on her nightstand.  Notice the stage lights glare against the headboard.  Oh yea, in addition to the great furnishings in the room, she's going down on this 'cat like his weenie is ready to give up a slap stick and poke ride'.  Translation from 1950s slang: 'This stupid ho bitch likes to suck cock and get fucked'.

This stag film would have been played on a projector.  It's reported that the gent was a male physique model who also went by the name Johnny Tyler.  If anyone has anymore info on him please contact me.  Thanks.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's Rich!

Rick (or Rich) Koch made news with Advocate Men in March 1998 and the Torso in April of the same year.  This Colt Studios stud has been quoted as saying "My first time posing nude was for Jim French in '95, and I was in the Colt Calendars. Before that, I was dancing across the country with the troupe First Class Male, and then went on to Chippendales in '96. One of my dancer friends who's also a Colt model turned my name over to Jim. Beside Jim, Maxx Studio is the only other time I've been photographed."  As one VGMH follower wrote to me "I didn't know his name but I knew his fine hairy bo was what I liked and I've loved hairy chested guys ever since."  Rick also has been reported as performing in two softcore videos for Campfire Productions, America's Hunkiest Home Videos 8 and Hunk Boat 2: Naked Ski School.   We'll leave him with yet one more pic from what is probably his most famous photo set--The Cop-and very rock hard at that.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Recognize This Vintage Stud?


Discovering this photo set while surfing on the Internet has become something of a rite of passage for generations of young men, resulting in untold (and uncontrollable) sticky eruptions at countless keyboards and monitors.  In a world of shaved twinks, who can blame anyone for shouting out loud "NOW THAT'S A MAN!" when they see him for the first time?  Standing a sturdy 5'9" and coming in at a solid 170 pounds, this gentleman carrying a big rod became an even bigger hit beginning around 1995.  If you can ID our cocky cop, please leave a comment below.  The answer this weekend (with more photos). 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 1980

March 1980 was full of nifty stuff for the up-to-date creative gal (and guy).  In addition to a James Caan interview, the magazine featured model was Jerry Pedersoli.  Also in this issue were the Men of Madison Avenue. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Schock! Revisited

Note:  This posting was first presented here at VGMH in 2011, at the beginning of what would become years of media speculation that possibly Aaron was an anti-gay-rights voting closet case.  Today, he made big media news, as Illinois Rep. Aaron Schock resigned less than 12 hours after POLITICO raised questions about tens of thousands of dollars in mileage reimbursements he received for his personal vehicle.  In the past few months there have been other questionable stories in the press, including decorating his office akin to Downton Abbey in red Victorian-era splendor at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars, which he later agreed to reimburse. 

What follows is VGMH's 2011 story on this politician:

With unemployment at a national crisis level, several wars going on, and the lowest favorable ratings for members of Congress since they have been measuring such things, what would you do if you were working in Congress?  Well, if you happen to be Republican Aaron Schock, you decide to act like a leader and help your country by going shirtless for the June cover of Men’s Health magazine as “America’s Fittest Congressman.”  That six pack ab on him looks good (the Congressional gymnasium must be pretty nice), but there seems to possibly be a homoerotic and homophobic contradiction to all this beefcake.  According to a story in printed in the Advocate, the antigay conservative Rep. Schock once burned a belt that blogs and other media suggested made him look gay.  Between Schock flexing for magazines and Anthony Weiner showing his weiner, elected men in D.C. didn't help make people feel that Congress understood what was important.
The unmarried Schock is known for his abs and media exploits more than for his leadership policy.  A photo of him in a swimsuit poolside first went viral in 2009 when TMZ posted it on the popular gossip site.  The story was on his amazing abs, but some gay groups suspected that the photo may have been leaked to quiet rumors.  Mr. Schock has said that he is not gay.

This congressman is 29-year-old who represents the U.S. representative for Illinois' 18th congressional district.
In the Men's Health magazine, "The Schock-uation" discusses his daily workout routine, childhood obesity in Illinois and his Fit for Summer, Fit for Life initiative. "One of my favorite quotes is from Ben Franklin, who said, 'A good example is the best sermon,' " Schock told Men's Health. "And I think if you want to start talking about healthy lifestyles and staying in shape, then you yourself should do your best to try to be a model, an example to people you're trying to convince to do the same."
It was a photograph of Schock at a White House picnic wearing a turquoise belt that really ignited online with bloggers. So what did he do?  He burned the belt.  Schock has also made known his feelings on gay issues in Congress. In February, he spoke out strongly favoring the Defense of Marriage Act and bashing the Obama administration’s refusal to defend DOMA.
 The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee noticed Schock’s “Men’s Health” debut and responded with a mock magazine cover that included a jab at the lawmaker’s support for Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) 2012 budget proposal.
At least buff Aaron has a good paying job, and from what we hear, a great deal on gym membership fees, thanks to the tax payers.  The unemployment rate in his state was currently listed at 9.5% for the month of July, one month after he was the cover beefcake model.