Saturday, June 27, 2015

It's Super Bulge!

Ray Middleton (above) is credited with playing Superman during appearances at the 1939 World's Fair.  But it would take Kirk Alyn to bring his own crotch bulge to movie fans.   He's not the most well-known of actors who played Superman on the screen, but just one  look at him in his costume makes it easy to see Kirk Alyn's take on the  man of steel remains a favorite of crotch cadets the world over.  Kirk clearly had the goods to pack a punch where it counted. 

In addition to performing Broadway, Kirk worked as a singer and dancer in vaudeville before moving to Hollywood  in the early 1940s to make feature films, where he was successful only in gaining bit parts in low-budget films before landing the role of Superman in 1948.   In fact, Kirk was the first actor to play Superman on the big screen, first in the 1948 film serial Superman, which consisted of 15 episodes that recounted Superman’s arrival on Earth, getting a job as a reporter  at the Daily Planet newspaper, and meeting sidekicks Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.  Kirk would then star in the 1950 sequel, Atom Man Vs. Superman.

Alyn would later recall the day that producer Sam Katzman asked him to play Superman:"I thought it was a publicity stunt. I didn't think you could ever put
 Superman on film. They brought the people from D.C. Comics [sic] over
and they said, 'Hey, he looks just like Clark Kent.' They said take off
your shirt, so I did and flexed my muscles. Then the guy said, 'Take off
 your pants' and I said, 'Wait a minute.' I was 37 when I played
Superman. I picked up that girl and ran up that flight of stairs like it
 was nothing."

Kirk Alyn died on March 14, 1999 at the age of 88. He was survived by three children.

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 1982

At 23 and handsome as well as physically fit, sexy Jeff Wintemute was a welcome summer start to Playgirl readers in 1982.  While Jeff Wintemute was the star of the issue, it also featured Couples: In Bed In The Sunroom, and Best Of Nine Years.  As the cover says, there was a poster-size centerfold (above) of Jeff inside the issue.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 1983

The photo above continues to be an international Internet favorite for obvious reasons. Playgirl magazine celebrated ten years of publications with 25 year-old David Van Brunt, who they described as being "Playgirl's 10: Only the best for our anniversary fete" and David certainly delivered.  But back when it first came out, the biggest news for this issue however was probably lead guitarist Warren Cuccurullo's spread starting on page 76.  It's reported that Warren had worked with Frank Zappa, was a founding member of Missing Persons, and was a long term member of Duran Duran.  But can anyone blame us for ignoring everything else in this issue and enjoying the images of David?

Friday, May 29, 2015

Braun Gets 'Dangerous'!

Michael Braun with Jim Rodgers in Dangerous

Michael Braun's resume in porn may not be as lengthy as some other classic smut stars, but his sex appeal has been proven to stand the tests of time, and many consider his best work to have been in 1983's Dangerous.  Mike's performance Dangerous was released the same year as Gold Rush Boys and gave him the distinction of starring in two major gay films in 1983.  VGMH's Male Sex Icon award winner Al Parker (the film was by Parker's Surge Studio) and director Steve Scott collaborated to create what has become a classic gay movie with Dangerous, and not exclusively because of the sex scenes.  This is a movie that reflects the era it was created within.

The storyline for Dangerous involves something that many gay men have experienced in real life: being attracted to anonymous sex in public bathrooms with strangers.  This is very risky behavior in any decade, but in this pre-condom world of 1983, the biggest concern of the star seems to be with the possibily of getting arrested and explaining why (again) he was out looking for dick instead of being satisfied with the nice one on his boyfriend at home, who bailed him out of jail (again).
Amazingly, all of this activity happens at the very beginning of the movie and the rest of the film is about the boyfriend's personal journey into the gritty world of glory holes in order to try and find out what the thrill is about.  Tip: Try to play 'name that dick' and guess which cameo cock in the movie belonged to none other than Al Parker.

1970's gay porn used the glory hole theme often.  Still relatively fresh off of the go-go 1970's, the behavior of sucking a stranger's cock through a hole in the men's room stall wall was very common in major cities and places with military bases.   Simply put, it was supply (cocks on horny men looking to cum) and demand (mouths on horny men looking to suck) coming together in an efficient way that demanded anonymity with both speed and convenience.
Glory holes offered  closeted and straight married men a quick sexual release without having any social contact whatsoever.  While they had been around for decades (police reports and news about them being a social nuisance date back to the early 1900's), glory holes really came into their own during the late 1960's-early 1980's.   As one 1977 expose noted of businessmen in Chicago's financial district on Friday nights, the guys looking for sex were all ages: "[They've got]... enough time after leaving work and before the train home to slip into a bookstore and get sucked off.  It's free and fast."  For other men, it was the thrill of possibly being caught in the sex act that made it exciting. And yet other guys just liked sucking cock-any cock.
While many men simply had a good time, there were some obvious deterrents. Perhaps not surprising, glory holes offered a physical barrier that some men (in denial about their sexuality) often found appealing, which included homophobes who hated themselves and gay men in general.  Locations around military bases were sometimes fraught dangers, as young guys with issues would perform the act and then beat up the guy on the other side of the stall, in order  to distance themselves from what just had happened between them.   Glory holes were also easy places for police to make many arrests of "deviants" in a short period of time.  STD's (for both the blower and the blowee) were also common.  And of course, in just a few years the threat of AIDS would become a factor in reducing their popularity.

Dangerous was made when Boners were real and not created by taking a pill.  And some porn movies provided story lines and not just grunts and one-liners.    In this story, Rogers and Braun (boyfriends) have a serious discussion about what creates the desire for seeking out anonymous sex in public bathrooms. Rogers is afraid that his man goes looking for dick because he's not happy with him.  Braun assures him that it's not Rogers.
Rogers decides to try anonymous sex for himself to discover why his lover likes it so much.  He gives it a real good try,as a  matter of fact, and winds up sucking four cocks, watches a man suck himself off, and gets a blowjob!  His carnal desires are evident as he gulps and explores each cock through the hole.  The film ends with Braun and Rogers both kneeling at a glory hole together, sharing a cock between themselves and kissing. A happy ending!

It's obvious that both Parker and Scott wanted to produce a quality product. Mr. Parker's amazing life has been featured here at VGMH before and will receive an encore this spring for those that may have missed it. It's reported that Steve Scott began by working in the publicity department at Universal Studios in the late 1960's.   He began in straight porn via a friend who was a distributor, before trying his hand in the gay film genre (The Young Intruder). Besides quality, Scott's movies are known for minimal music during sex scenes, an expectation that his models perform hard, and Scott's use of various body types and ages.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Magic Mike

Mike appeared solo in some vintage erotica for men to enjoy.  Many gay fans would continue to follow his work (As Mike Ranger) and that famous curved cock throughout his long career in straight smut.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Guess the Retro Stud: Mr. Mike Arlen!

Patrons of early 1980s gay smut might have recognized him as Mike Arlen, but he was already well on his way to becoming a true superstar of straight porn under the name of Mike Ranger.  Reportedly born Michael Grainger included Bob Sherman, Chuck Fabrae, Jack Gooding, Mark Ranger, Michael Ranger, Michael Stapp, Michael Stewart, Michael Stuart, Mike Carlson, Mike Fairmont, Mike Grainger, Mike Stapp, Mike Step, Mike Steph, Mike Stepp, Mike Strong, Mike Wrangler, Peter Kurzon, and West Regent.   While his career in adult entertainment probably began in the 1970s with meat market loops, thankfully for his gay fans, Mike performed solo for Nova in Fistsfull (a 1984 release).

In this movie compilation featuring six gentlemen, Mike's solo performance is titled  The Jock, The Music and the Mirror and features Arlen masturbating that famous bent dick, which would eventually be invited into the mouth, pussy and/or ass of pretty much every female star of  golden-era 1980s porn.   It's widely reported that in 1980 female porn star Loni Sanders first met her future husband Mike Ranger on the set of a soft-core picture.  Loni initially acted in hardcore X-rated movies with just Ranger and other women, but eventually performed with men other than Mike.  After divorcing Mike Ranger she continued in the business.  To his credit, Mike was a talented actor as well as skilled sportsman when it came to fucking the ladies and always delivered terrific performances.  While intended for straight audiences, many of his straight movies wisely focused the lens on Mike as he (in an era before erection pills) enjoyed sewing countless seeds from those hairy dishwater blond balls, using that muscular yet wiry ass to flex its way into movie history.  And as we will see in part three of this series, when VHS rental tapes became popular with home audiences in the 1980s, it was one classic movie featuring one classic scene (with Mike's body in action doing naughty things to an actress) that caused many to freeze the image so often that the tapes would become stretched in that location.

VGMH BONUS!!  Also in this movie was handsome Dan Kennedy who also performs in a solo scene.   Big-dicked and comfortable riding a crotch rocket, we watch as Dan wrenches his bike up and then decides to get himself off, complete with a nice old-school athletic supporter cock rub on the leather seat saddle as he humps and pumps it.  Finally the scents of gasoline, oil, and sweaty man all combine to fill the musty garage with the pungent aroma of sperm. The photo below is probably enough for many men (and women) to beg for a ride...on his bike?
And since we know that studios were never shy about recycling, here's a nifty stand-alone ad for Dan's scene (titled the same as in the compilation movie as The Biker Jocker).  We will feature more of Dan in the future.