Monday, September 15, 2014

September 1981

According to the narrative that accompanied his photo spread, country boy Geof Helrich was 28 years old when he showed it all in Playgirl magazine back in 1981.  This was an era when uncut cocks were still the exception in male photo sets, as most young men of legal age to pose had grown up in times when they had been circumcised as infant boys.  With his treasure trail of dark brown hair leading to a nicely thick bush above his hairy cock, Geof was a true find.  The photographer did a nice job of capturing his masculinity in natural settings and not just showing off his dick (although that is very nice, too!). 
This was also a time when the magazine was offering Hollywood stars on their covers instead of a face shot of their centerfold model.  Of particular interest with this issue was a very successful nude spread of "Men of Harvard and Other Ivy Leagers" which was similar to their other "men of..." series which included Wall Street, sportsmen, and more.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9-11 Gay Hero


It is widely believed that Mark Bingham, along with three other men, confronted the terrorists on United Flight 93 on the morning of September 11, 2001 and that their heroic actions brought the plane down before it could hit its intended target.  This news did not come as a surprise to Mark’s family and those that knew him best.  From their perspective, there would have been no question in Mark’s mind what he would do in that situation.
Mark Kendall Bingham, born May 22, 1970 in Phoenix, Arizona, was a passenger on United Airlines Flight 93 which crashed in Pennsylvania. Mark, an openly gay man, assisted in defending the aircraft against the attackers and is considered one of the many heroes of that day. San Francisco has officially designated September 16 Mark Bingham Day. Mark Bingham's heroic last moment are captured in the film The Flight That Fought Back.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Straight Porn Star Jeffrey Hurst

In the humble opinion of VGMH, Jeffrey Hurst (aka Jeff Allin, George Hawks, Jeffery Hurst, Jeff Hurst, Jeff Eagle, Jeffrey Hyrst, and Jeffrey Nurst) should be more recognizable than he seems to be these days when it comes to aficionados of vintage male erotica stars.  There are many straight male porn stars who enjoy big gay fan bases (Harry Reems immediately comes to mind), so why don't more people know about Jeff's work?  This straight guy was firecracker-hot-looking and without a doubt he drew more than a couple of gay men into movie houses in the early 1970's to enjoy looking at his body as he made love to countless women.  Maybe his limited notoriety has to do with there not being a whole lot of nude pictorials on the Internet of Jeff, although it seems that some professional studio photos were taken.  There is a Yahoo Group dedicated to Jeff but VGMH wasn't able to access the pictures--if someone can perhaps they send some to me to share here.
While he performed looking fantastic in many nudie flicks, not a lot of them are what we consider to be especially noteworthy except for a few exceptions.  In 1973's The Russians Are Coming U.S. citizen (Jeffrey Hurst) fixes up three Soviet cocksmen (sporting fake Russian accents) with Georgina Spelvin and Andrea True (True had the huge 1975 disco hit 'More More More').  The film was a showcase for Jeff in that he was able to display his comic talents alongside being a very handsome stud.  Heavy Load  (1975) is another great film of his and it remains a very good porn movie from a golden era when smut films were actually real movies with exterior location shots and dialog and story lines.  Jeff was the leading man and star (Andrea True was also in this movie) and he plays Gus, an adorable delivery truck driver who is more interested in making deliveries into his female customers than anything else--much to their delight.  And probably shock to some modern audiences--men in porn back then didn't always shave their backs (let alone every other square inch of their torso)!
It's reported that Jeff served in the U.S. Air Force and then returned to New York where he went after his goal of becoming an actor.  In the true time-honored show business tradition, somewhere along the way his career path intersected with adult entertainment.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Have you heard the one about two Sailors and a Girl...

Our mystery smut star is sitting on the right-side in these screen captures from an early black and white sex scene.  So much for fancy sets!  No need to get your hopes up for what comes next between these two handsome young men, because this is a straight flick.

Both of these New York guys worked in legitimate acting roles and drifted into performing in smut films during the 1970s.  Our straight mystery man (right side of couch) began making porn in about 1973, and his looks certainly are perfect for the era with that mop of curly hair and ultra-thick moustache.  The man sitting next to him (left side of couch) is openly bisexual actor Jamie Gillis.  Here, Gillis and our mystery stud appear to be enjoying an African American female.  While we'll identify the name of this handsome male star in the next post, sorry to the VGMH follower who first asked about him, but based on everything on the Internet, he appears to be heterosexual.  Luckily, like other straight male stars of smut, we still get to enjoy watching him naked and aroused by his lady friends!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Mystery Man!

Someone recently (alright, it July, so not that recent) sent me the photo above of a 1970s-era adult film star and asked if I knew what his name was and if he had ever done gay erotica.  The email was actually a little more enthusiastic and proclaimed "I want to kiss that moustache and run my fingers through his hair and I haven't even ever seen his cock!--what's his name?  I already just dream that his cock is hairy and I love love love the hair growing on his neck back!"  This sounded like a great VGMH game to guess the smut stud! Hint: He worked in the era of Marc Stevens, Eric Edwards, John Clemens, and Sonny Landham.  Do you know who he is?  More clues tomorrow.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Vacation Fantsex (Part two)

Just fantasizing about all the people that this rubber dong has sex-mastered is probably enough to send anyone to the moon and stars while sucking on both heads, but nothing can quite compare to feeling it as it inches its way...

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Vacation Fantasy

Maybe they told him 'make yourself at home' while he was taking care of their place for two weeks at the end of summer?  Some interesting things can sure be found in a pool house, and it looks like Doug found something that he's very interested in.  If only a double-headed dildo could tell us of the places that it has already been, but it looks like it's about to have a fun new adventure here at the poolside with Dougy.  Hey, it looks about the same size as his own cock, which is getting very aroused.  Three cocks (inlcuding his own), one mouth and a tight ass.  Time to have fun with this bad-boy dildo! 
Please stay tuned for part two of this summertime fanatsex

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Behind the Scenes (end of series)

What could be better than a fun screw while standing up inside an old cast iron bathtub?  How about it happening right outside of a cool cedar shake cottage, and being surrounded by flowers and plants and birds chirping?   And then let's add a camera man standing on a ladder while another guys holds the ladder steady while watching you two guys are going at it?  Welcome to the world of making adult movies.  It's a place where that elevator might actually be nothing more than a plywood set. Ken Probst's book Pornegrafik (Pornographic) offers glimpses into what happens just-outside of the camera's viewpoint.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Behind the Scenes

Ken Probst's book Pornegrafik (Pornographic) helps to remind us viewers that to the people making smut, it's just another day of doing their job.  Several people wanted to know where they could get a copy of this book.  Here is a link to the publisher's page but it looks like the book is on back order as best as VGMH can tell.

Sadly, San Fernando Valley studios cranking out Hollywood-quality smut with storylines (or even scripts for that matter), building plywood sets, and having carefully staged scenes are becoming more rare all of the time.  As the quantity of cheaply produced adult sex material available on the Internet expands all the time, the traditional industry is declining and fewer and fewer pornographic films are being produced to much of any artistic standards.  Next time you watch an adult scene, pay attention to how many film edits there are which change the view from wide to close-up, or from several viewpoint angles.  Does the activity move between multiple locations (such as starting in a living room, moving to a bedroom and ending up in the shower)?  Is any sexual anticipation created by teasing the audience to build excitement, or does the smut go directly to sex scenes?
Please stay tuned for part three.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

From Behind

Back in 1999, a 106-page treasure for smut aficionados was published by Twin Palms Publishers.    The photos in this book are from the 1990s but the process of making a porno have not changed much in terms of the men behind the scenes required for any decent production.  If you ever get the chance to find a copy you'll be in for a special "behind the scenes" treat of how professional porn is often made.   
Making a smut movie basics:  First, there's the location or set.  Then there's the crew which includes the camera man, the lighting man, the director, and maybe one or two assistants.   Here at VGMH we've already documented and recalled stories of actors who have had their ball sacks burned by extremely hot lights when the action demands close-ups.  One vintage actor recalled someone on the set taking orders and bringing back a paper sack filled with greasy french fries and cheeseburgers, and the smell of raw onions on the man he was blowing as he kept belching.   And in eras before erection pills to guarantee a boner on demand, we've noted how models relied on a bottle of baby oil or a penis pump to get ready for their scene.
As the book Pornographic lets us know, photographer Ken Probst had been hired to photograph porn film actors for publicity pictures.  He began to photograph behind the scenes, and  in the process "[...] revealing the absurdities, pathos, and business of the pornographic film industry. These photographs, whether they portray an elaborate sexual situation or actors waiting between takes, are remarkable documents that observe the banality of manufacturing desire."

Without a doubt, some VGMH followers will be able to recognize some of the films and stars in the photos.  It looks like director John Rutherford working with Trent Reed on Falcon Studio's Billy’s Tale from 1994. And that looks like Jake Andrew and Chance Caldwell in The Abduction 2: The Conflict.  It also looks like there's Tom Katt in The Abduction 3 : The Redemption from 1993. 

Please stay tuned for part two