Sunday, October 4, 2015

Danny D

Danny's screen names (he has gone by Matt H., Matt Hughes, Daniel, Danny D., and Danny Dong) are probably not what his gay and straight male fans remember when they see him naked.  The 6' 1" tall stud weighs in at a lean 149 pounds, which only helps to make his long 11 inch cock look even bigger!  Starting in porn around 2006 at the age of 19 in Europe, he has since performed in many straight and gay and solo roles.  It's reported that Danny identifies as straight which would make him a 'gay for pay' performer in gay smut.

Danny starred for European male smut studios like Cazzo Films, EuroCreme, UK Naked Men, and FreshSX.  There was some skeptical talk inside of the industry when Danny was signed by Brazzers for straight porn as a crossover star from gay smut.   But straight guys have always enjoyed watching the pained faces on girlies as they take a monster cock, so they were pleased to watch Danny's cock giving it to them good and hard.  And many of his gay fans seemed happy to let Danny enjoy sticking himself into girls instead of guys (if that he was he enjoyed doing) as long as the photography focused on his magnificent manhood in action.   A few years back there were porn rumors were that a European parody of gold swimmer Michael Phelps was in the works, and that Danny might be picked to play the lean muscular athlete alongside two other competitors played by European and Italian models with equally impressive 11-plus inch cocks.  It's said that the storyline would have been that their big cocks, pressed tightly against their bellies in their competition sportswear, acted like aerodynamic rudders in the water.  It was also to have been a coming out story as the star athlete wrestles with his sexual desires for the other male swimmers. Unfortunately, the  abundance of cheap video porn on the Internet had made big budget erotic films difficult to finance to make a profit and the movie was never produced. Very active through about 2011, Danny's fans would certainly like to see him displaying much more of his (slightly-more-mature) manhood once again in gay porn.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Lee Marlin

Lee Marlin has been described as being "[...] the jock best friend of your older brother who made you excited to be around because he was so damn sexy but also made you mad because he flirted with your younger sister who was equally lusting over him." and that is a pretty good definition of his appeal throughout his career.  Lee started in the mid seventies and made a name for himself in a Kip Noll flick film called Grease Monkeys and then by 1980 was in Nova's His Little Brother.

He mnay be best remembered for his role in the 1980 classic Nova film Roommates.  From the liner notes: "Kip Noll and Lee Marlin decide to share an apartment when they go to college. But most roommates never get this close! The unpacking stops when always-horny Lee gets a load of Kip's claim to fame... and Kip gets a look at Lee's assets. The they go at it on the living room floor, there'll be no need for two beds in this apartment."
Kip and Lee
Kip gets more than a roommate with Lee

 Lee worked for William Higgins and was featured in Rear Deliveries: "Follow 5 hunky young delivery men as they find a day's work more exciting than exhausting. Screen sensation Lee Marlin gets caught up in more than a pressing day, while all are pleased with each others' performance in delivering the goods."  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

rex morgan

Back in the 80's straight men looking for magazine cover perfection had the Farrah Fawcett poster to look at while jerking off.  Gay men wanting that same type of sex symbol had print magazines with Rex.  Rex had the hair, face, physique, cock and ass.  The package came with a tan and blue eyes.  He also went by the alias of Buck Hayes and worked for both Colt and Falcon. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Eric Manchester

 September 1987 was a busy time for Italian hunk Eric Manchester (aka Paul Carson).  He was featured in both Playguy and Jock magazines that month/year.   During his career he worked for Falcon Studios, HIS, Catalina and Vivid among other studios. 

While a true star of the 1980s, Eric had a somewhat limited level of notoriety back then and now, which is a surprise considering his good looks, macho attitude and thick 8" cut cock.   Maybe it was because his flicks were often hit-or-miss.  Maybe this was because Eric worked in assorted gay smut genres which had their own specialized fan bases.  He performed as a bisexual man in Innocence Lost, a video released during the heyday of corner family rental stores.  He was the young cub to older hottie Nick Fabrini in Dirty Daddies.  In Blondes Balling Raw, cheating Troy MacKenzie gets a back door fucking from local cocksman stud Eric while Troy's boyfriend is away at work.  In Bulge, two straight guys (Mike Henson and Eric) pretend to be sleeping as they feel each other up and then jack off.  And in Loads of Leather, Eric shows up for a good suck and fuck at a leather party, which he gets courtesy of an eager Jack Lofton.  Later, Eric joins a gang of men who have gagged Chris Williams and its Eric's job to work a big fat dildo in and out of Chris as the guys unload their sperm on Chris.

His loyal fans were treated to a "best of" video starring Eric in his pre-condom glory days. This compilation contains scenes from Down For The Count, Powerline, Head Of The Class and They Grow Em Big.

Friday, September 11, 2015

1982: How I Got The Story

Christopher getting his hose sucked among the butter cups.

How I Got the Story was actually a tried-and-true methodology of turning several short loops into longer movies.  In this case, it's three loops featuring a total of six cocks.  The term "loops" refers to when short smut reels of film were sold via the postal service mail, and were played on film projectors.  
In loop number one, Beau Matthews does an interview with sexy Nova Studios superstar Michael Christopher.  Of course, the story these two men are really interested in is all about the growing boners in their trousers.  There's kissing and cock sucking and sperm flying in the air shared before the tranquility of the afternoon must end. 

In the second loop called Double Deal, Jeff Wells plays the role of a blond, buff surfer dude in contrast to Mike DeMarco's darker rebel character with attitude.
In loop number three called Photo Play, California beach boy Adam Stuart and hairy hunk Quinn Curtis turn photography into fucktography.  

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back to School

It's Fall and the kids are back in school.  Looks like they are ready to show one another (and their male teacher) all the fun things that they learned while away during the long hot summer. The first lesson involves connecting two different objects together, such as a long hard cylinder (cock) and a pliable hole which can adapt, such as an open mouth or anus.  This study can require careful thought and practice to position the hole in just the right place to make the connection possible.  
Kept After School was a1982 Nova production. Jeff Hunter,Mike Barnes,Hans Mueller,Buddy Hill, and Doug Mason.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Men of Summer: 1976

Ahhh Summer....The sun, water and sand...oh yea, and hot beach studs! For a number of years, the annual Playgirl's Men of Summer issue was one of their most-popular seasonal specialty publications, which was distributed in addition to the monthly magazine.  As the cover says: "Sailors, High Divers...and the tannest hides this side of the Pacific."

The publications were a good way to reissue old photo spreads of their previously-seen hottest models, and for the reader there was a lot of "bang for the buck" since so many men were included compared to the monthly Playgirl magazine. Gracing the cover of the 1983 Men of Summer issue was Ron Yarbrough, who first appeared in Playgirl magazine back in July 1976 (cover below).

The Playgirl magazine July 1976 issue (Volume 4 Issue # 2 Number 38) had Ron Yarbrough (above) as the cover model and the centerfold stud, or as they called him Man For July.  What's amazing is that while Ron posed in 1976, he looks like he could be Christopher Atkin's brother from 1980's The Blue Lagoon. As part of the photo shoot, Ron is actually in water taking a playful swim with a dolphin (VGMH will have these photos later this week in this series.